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Marine Load Outs


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You guys have no idea how ###### I was when I got my Interceptor and it was completely wrong, khaki in color and wrong type of groin protection.


Oh well, $25 and used, I guess I better shut my mouth.


Anyone know if the Interceptor replica from redwolf is CB or not? It's listed as "tan".


Anyway, flame away:


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Yeah, I'm aware of that, stated it in my post.

I'll give your suggestion a try though. thanks.


Does anyone know if the one from RedWolf is actually Coyote Brown, or is it tan as advertised?


Marines will be getting MTVs this year, I wonder when that'll be available in replica... or otherwise.

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Pic of a Marine, his M16A4 with an ACOG equiped.


Buy the SDS, its not exact but its better then...that.


PS: I have one for sale :)

Thanks for the info, The one on RedWolf looks very authentic. I'll do a search for that SDS, in the meantime, if you have a pic of yours,would you mind posting it or give a link to a pic of it? I might consider buying it.


Edit: WOW $129 at entrygear.com, that's not a bad deal really, and it comes in CB. Also, it's authentic to some of the pics I've seen of Marines. The thing is the lack of the upper MOLLE on the back, that kinda sucks.

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What vest is that KWP?

Uoh, almost a month since you asked that - sorry for that.

I just don't check out Arnies as regularly anymore as I used to do when it was less commercial.


Of course the vest I wear on the photos is the IBA from Point Blank. It's in the dark earth USMC Coyote Brown. The SDS OTV is more yellowish and brighter and is not available with a Collar-Yoke.


Judging by the photos on Redwolfairsoft's website, the replica IBA seems to be decent color-wise, but they got the Collar-Yoke wrong in the neck area.

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My Loadout:









@Medic, where have you got your IBA from? Or is it a Replika?

I have an original one too but I would really like one with the new covers.

Or could you get your hands on the new MTV?

Would be really nice! Thanxs for reply ;)


How did you get your hands on a new LWH?

I was only able to purchase a used one. But better than nothing.

Seems like you have direct access to an armoury ;)

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