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Review Database is back

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In short: I've got the review database back online after a heap of work please do use it and fill it with your thoughts and views on things be it products, magazines or services you've received.


If you've got ideas for organisation or features that'd help let me know. I can't reprogram the entire system (due to time constraints) but I can tweak it here and there.


You can find the system back online here: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/reviewpost/

Longer version: Now you'd think that with a paid for commercial program that's had a full two software revisions since we last updated it, you'd just buy the latest upgrade and voila, it'd work? No, that's way too simple. It turns out that the developer hasn't really tested his code and a default install simply won't work with IPB3 as his code is wrong. This is despite the fact that the company selling states that it will work. So after a huge rework of his interface code we now have a running system and a functional review section with all the old data in it again. I will be tweaking the theme and the images in the review set later but it'll work for now.

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