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USP Picture Thread

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The trigger pull on the kwa is too hard I believe. The FA Unit is very picky and usually only works with TK USPs, but I have owned a TK USP that didnt like the the FA Unit ( the trigger disconnect point was too far for the unit to work; the gun could only fire semi buy hand) This is purely a collector's piece since there is such a scarcity of internal parts. Fun to hold and keep lubed, but not to fire

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Just got this baby for my USPc :D Only problem is I'm having trouble fitting it :(






Any tips on squeezing the blowback mech in? And anyone know what brand it is? Cos I have no idea! :S

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I managed to angle it in and squeeze it in :P Got it all fitted on and it definately needs a new recoil spring! :P


Any other upgrades you would recommend? Is there much point in the enhanced hammer spring?


I'll try and get some pics up of the complete gun :D

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I found that I needed an upgraded hammer spring because the standard one couldn't cope with the weight of the SD slide and barrel, lol. But you might find that the standard one works okay with the compact, mine just didn't cycle very well.


I wish I still had my USP now, lol. I think there's still some pics of it in this thread. And I still had some inner barrel problems, which was why I got rid of it. But it was a beautiful pistol.


Pics then :D

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Got my very own Match today!

Not as fancy as 6ft4's, but it's a start.


Went down to the post office after I recieved a notice in my morning mail, and to my surprise I got this:



KSC USP... so far, so good.



Score! It's the gun I ordered! Lara Croft impression, here I come! evilgrin39.gif



The gun is really and truly massive. Considering how large a regular USP is, then adding the Match compensator makes it even bulkier.



It's now official: MODDAN lieks USP Match.



The only thing missing now is: One exactly identical pistol, a tight blue tank top, a pair of leather holsters, a pair of brown shorts, beige boots, a ponytail and a pair of fashionable sunglasses.


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This is turning into a "show your USP Match thread".....and here I am to join in! :D


With the advent of System 7, I have been taken aback with the increase in recoil and general performance including a distinct lack of cool down when rapid fired.


First thing was to fit a silver metal slide to match the good Lady Crofts pieces; Shooters Design to the rescue. Okay, I admit it, if it wasn't for the Lara Croft/Tomb Raider movies I probably never would have bought this.....or those high cut hot-pants and tight vest....*ahem* ;)


I found that because the right hand side of the Ambi slide release sits lower than the left side, my particular 'high hand hold' caused my trigger finger to touch it too easily, so I swapped it for a normal type, (after the photos were taken).


The HOP is absolutely brilliant, I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised. There's an increase in fps compared to the normal length gun too, thanks to the longer barrel.

What more can I say, it spanks them out, great blowback, no cool down issues and is a big chunky beast - which brings me onto the biggest problem; holster choices are pretty slim!




Now for the eye candy........









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@ MODDAN: where did you get it? In Sweden? or can you import gbbs now?




I bought it from abroad. AirsoftGlobal to be precise. Just ask the retailer to mark the gun as "CO2 model" and it should pass through customs just fine. Furthermore is the Swedish law regulating firearms with restricted power undergoing reformation as to allow ordinary gas, so I don't see any reason not to utilize the weak restrictions on these kinds of weapons.

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My wish is my command.... :D


Shooters design CNC'd slide with ali outer barrel. Trades filled - correctly - as per RS reference:




Shame it's not the Japanese version (H&K trades r/h) but I just couldn't hold on any longer. :P











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