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For my UPS System 7 : minor filing on various parts of the slide or on the chassis needed, can't remember exactly (get yourself a dremel if you don't have one, it WILL help you), filing on the rear sight and didn't need to get a stronger recoil spring. The stock one works fine.

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A holster for the full size USP will fit a full size USP.

A holster for the USP Compact will fit a USP Compact.


Really isn't rocket surgery this tongue.gif


cheeky sod!


I mean, I cant seem to find Non-compact serpa USP holsters. If you put a a "full size" USP in a compact holster, will it still lock in place and just have an extra inch of barrel sticking out the end, or will it completely not compute?

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1. Do they need modification to fit?


When i install my SD slide to USP i need to modify slide lock.




2. Would I need a better recoil spring? As I really dont want to buy a new one. :P



Yes, your need new one.


Most upgrade requied 2 parts:


1. High-Flow Valve (to move heavy slide)

2. 150% recoil spring (for proper cycle)



I don't install a High-Flow Valve, and got problems when shoot with silencer (no slide lock). When shoot withour silencer - slide lock work fine.


P.S. Anyone know where i can get rear sight for USP .45? My is rip.

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