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USP Picture Thread

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My small contribution to this thread:


KSC (Taiwan) USP Tactical




Totally stock so far.

Anyone know if there is an outer barrel for this gun with a 14mm thread?

The present one is 16 mm CW and I'm having a lot of trouble getting a suppressor for it.


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Looks sweet! How do you like the AEP? Been thinking going that route, never seem to use my sidearm often and when I do the gas is always problematic. Might go for the new NS2 systems though. Anyone got any input on them?


I loved it so much on the first day I used it I dropped my primary and just had a ball with that thing for the rest of the games!


It's funny how using it makes you play completely differently :)

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Just received my TM USP AEP. Loving the feel and build quality. Now just waiting on the lipo battery and plug to rewire! Going to try it out with the stock barrel, but my plan is to add a longer one and use a silencer. Thinking about trying to make a Kydex holster for it with the silencer on. Its long but not too lone :)


Need a different silencer but I had this one to throw on for kicks!

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I think it is about time I get my USP posted in the threat:



Shooters Design slide and barrel set titanium color (even thou it looks a lot like green to me)

GG&G mount for TLR-1

Streamlight TLR-1


Still to come is a set of Guns Modify Tritium night sights, but they are sold out everywhere at the moment.





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