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I have a KWC Usp compact and I want to buy a Mk23. Do you know if their magazines are the same?I want to use the same mags (long ones not the compact's) in both pistols.

Also where I can find the G&G threaded barrel? Thanx!

I just love my USP Compact, more than my G26. B)

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i got this thing yesterday










while im posting i was woundering if you guys could help me, it is a KWA USP Compact, and i HAD a G&G threaded barrel on it, but for the life of my i couldn't get it to cycle correctly without pushing the barrel foreward with brute force


i have 100$ and am either going to buy a blackhawk SERPA holster, or get the gun working with the silencer, pending on if i can find a way to fix it


anyone have sugestions to get it working, maybe buying the G&G slide with it, or maybe some other threaded barrel?

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