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Escort M26A1 grenade

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Well i thought i would post regarding the Escort M26A1 grenade as i got to see a working model at the " BlackHole Show" in Tokyo a month back.




Basicly the speal they give off is false this grenade cannot and i repeat "CAN NOT" be thrown the timer is operated by the secondary saftey pin that as it counts moves inward towards the body of the grenade, if when thrown it lands on the pin it will prevent the countdown from finishing thus preventing the grenade from going off. Secondly the grenade fires from the bottom (See bottom right photo) and as you can guess if this is not facing your enemy then it's wasted as for indoor or CQB you run a very high risk of this thing going off and hitting the thrower.


When they demostrated the grenade at the show they placed the grenade on its head balancing on the secondary pin (Long one as seen in the large picture of the grenade on the right) as the counter ticked down the grenade angled off to a 30 degree tilt and then fired off the BB's as for range I would say around 5 meters at the most.


Overall i would say this is just a mini clamore and for the price....well you can get a very nice clamore with either a trip wire firing mech or trigger released firing 500 bb's with a further range. For gaming I would say the Escort M26A1 grenade is pointless for outdoor gaming and has no real use.For indoor CQB it can be used instead of a clamore but you need time to set it up properly and balanced so it doesn't fall over and is pointing the right direction.




A cheap mini Clamore good for indoor CQB




Doesn't do what it says on the box

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What? Secondary pin? I'm not following.....there is no pin that moves in towards the grenade body......the spoon rotates out of the way, and the valve pushes out, thus opening the valve and "firing" the grenade. The "timer" is merely the valve being slowed by friction of having to push through an oring as it extends out.


5m range? Nope, a bit farther using .12g BBs. Using propane, I've got BBs going clear across the depth of my backyard, which is 20-30feet (6-9m) at best.


What does it say on the box? Mine came in plastic packaging with directions in Japanese.


Furthermore, an ASC7 claymore costs almost twice as much as these ($135USD vs. $55USD)

Yes, I have one of those too. Range is about the same, except the claymore does throw out more BBs, and fires very directionally. In my experimenting with these, they fire at about a 135deg spread.


However, I do agree with your points about outdoor skirmishing. If the grenade lands pointed the wrong way or lands in thick grass pointed down, opfor will likely not be hit. These really do seem primed for CQB skirmishing or for lobbing into known bunkers.



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AustinWolv, Cheers for that..... my post is basicly what i saw and was told by the sales rep at the BlackHole Show last month. As for the secondary pin Im talking about the safety latch ....long metal clip that is released when you pull he primary safety pin. I was told by the rep this is used to set the timer going.... he demonstrated this by pulling it back to theposition that is in the photo...... At the show these came in a box with petty much the same written on them as is written on the front page here.


As for the ASC7 claymore well yes it's twice as much but it doesn;t require gas and as you probably know is alot more effective than the grenades.

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Ah, the spoon then. When that is released by pulling the grenade pin, the valve is free to push the spoon out of the way (or when the grenade lands, the spoon already is out of the way).


The "timing" is controlled by how far the trigger head (the whole top assembly) is tightened down to the grenade body (by rotating it left or right). The looser it is screwed down means there will be instantaneous firing, while tightening it down makes the valve have to push farther through an oring, which slows it down and makes it fire only on impact or shortly thereafter.


All the rep did was rotate the spoon out of the way, which allows the valve to release. That is why you saw the upside-down grenade tilt 30deg and fire.....the valve was extending, pushing the spoon out of the way, and then it fired.


As for the ASC7 claymore well yes it's twice as much but it doesn;t require gas and as you probably know is alot more effective than the grenades.
Except that I can't really lob (or roll) a claymore into a room or a bunker. ;) The grenade, while not entirely accurate in that it doesn't give off a 360 firing arc is more capable of being deployed offensively, while obviously the claymore is a defensive weapon. Why would anyone really bother to buy an Escort to set up defensively is beyond me...........

These two toy replica weapons do different things, with their firing spread being the common thing, not really the way they are used.

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