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RPK Wood, Receiver & WGC 9.6 RPK Stock battery; AK74 wood

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Hi guys, bit of a bulk clearout of stuff - all in very good condition (check the pics out or ask for more if you need confirmation!). I'll happily consider bulk discounts if people want several / all here - just PM me for more info or if interested.




Guarder (Inokatsu) RPK Wood Furniture (Upper & Lower Grip with stock and fittings)



Price: £50 ONO

Condition: Used (VGC)

This is a full original set of 2004 Guarder (which was really Inokatsu) wood furniture, cross laminate as per real steel. As the image shows the furniture comes with fittings including stock sling, and all have been weathered to give the authentic look of a genuine soviet rifle.

Guarder (Inokatsu) Full Steel AK/RPK Receiver (with fixed AK scope mount)


Price: £30 ONO

Condition: Used (VGC)

This is a solid steel AK / RPK taken originally from the 2004 Guarder RPK kit, which was also used for their AK kits. As the picture shows, this has a fixed AK scope mount for Eastern bloc scopes and has been tested to work with a Kobra scope previously.

Sanyo (WGC Custom build) RPK Unique 9.6V 3300mah Nimh battery.

Price: £25 ONO (£40 on WGC)

Condition: Used Once (As New)

If you have an RPK with a hollow stock (or are buying the RPK stock listed here) this is essential - a WGC custom 9.6v 3300mah Nimh stock battery that will easily last a full weekender.

This a custom pack built by WGC (check the WGC warranty holographic seals for confirmation) built on the highly rated Sanyo cells and designed to fit in the stock of airsoft RPKs. It should be noted this is critical for anyone planning on playing a support role for a lengthy period - the only other alternative is to either use stick batteries in the top of the receiver (you'll need a good few and have to mess about with taking down the rifle when the batteries inevitably die!) or using an external pack (unsightly and ruining the authenticity factor).

The rifle was used once with this battery before I decided to fit real steel furniture, which sadly I couldn't hollow out to use this with, so someone will get a bargain.

Dboys / Kalash AK74/AK74S upper & lower handguards (new 'authentic' style - not older plasticky style!)


Price: £20 ONO

Condition: As New (single cosmetic mark as pictured)

This is the upper and lower handguards from a 2009 Kalash AK74S, compatible with all Kalash / Dboys / VFC & clone rifles. It is in very good condition having not been used in the field - there is a single mark on the finish from storage, as pictured. To clarify these are the superior finish wood grips, as opposed to the earlier 'plasticky' grips that came with Dboys.

Soviet Panama


Price: £10Condition: As New

One Soviet Panama. Ideal for 70s/ 80s soviet loadouts, especially for Afghan War campaigns.

Urban Patrol Cap


Price £5Condition: New

SPOSN Eger (Modern & Improved Spetnaz / PMC Chest-rig)


Price: £65 ONO (£120 from Soviet Propaganda)Condition: New

Not the best picture I know - PM me if interested and I'll happily get a better picture. I bought this shortly before getting into soviet kit, and so have never really had a chance to use it.

Marui AK / RPK Rear Sight

Price: £5Condition: Used (VGC)

Standard AK rear sight with details painted red (used on RPK). Pics available on request.

Cheers for looking!

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