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Compressed Air powered Vuvuzela creation and appreication thread


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So I am about to embark on what is probably the most annoying thing ever created by man.


An on tap long lasting vuvuzela at the press of a button.


Thats right! A vuvuzela that works much like your average party air horn / klaxon but much louder and in that classy Buzz which we have grown to love over the last few weeks.


I am however unsure of where to start, here is my idea.



The large circle at the rear of the horn is a reed which is what makes the noise as the air moving from the can passed through it and causing a vibration, much like a lot of wind based instruments, the Vuvuzela is one of these with an internal reed.


Unfortunately the air passing out of the end of the horn is not that fast, and is all of its energy is transferred into the reed, creating the loud noise. So gluing a vuvuzela mouth piece of the end probably wouldnt work. Just a really really loud air horn due to the increase in the cone. Not that fine buzz.

However, I have been wondering if I were to by-bass the reed, and allow the air from the can to pass to the vuvuzela's reed I would then create the desired results.


Now, does anyone have any idea's on how I could possibly by pass the reed? I was thinking cutting the plastic on the lid of the airhorn just before it reed and then some how attaching it to the vuvuzela's mouth piece, only the difference in hole size is tremendous and I dont think ye'oldé Duct tape will do....


So arnies, hit me with your idea's! and I shall post a tutorial on how to do it if I am successful!!!






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Not the same as what OP is doing, that still has the air horn's noise maker attached. I think just cut it before the disc and use a lot of duct tape


That would just be a super loud air horn, with maybe a tiny bit of the Vuvu' buzz

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I was going to hoop it up to a tyre air compressor that I have for my car, but its not portable enough. Your tied to the cars 12v socket.



I have found out though is that if you cover the mouth piece with a balloon and inflate it then let it go it acts like you would be blowing it. Advantage is that you can blow a couple of healthy puffs into them so you get a 6/7 second long BBUUUUUUZZZZZZZ at a time.

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Well after a few days messing around with packets of balloons and several rolls of duct tape later I have found that its pretty hard to get it to work right.


I got the odd sound every now and again but the air coming out the can is under too much pressure and simply shoots through the reed rather than vibrating it.


Although if you blow up a balloon and manage to get the hole of it over the vuvuzela mouth peice you can get a really long BBZZZ

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