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I looked around and didn't see a topic yet. So I thought I'd make one since I just bought one of these babies.


I had the chance to test one of these recently, and I was sold instantly and ordered one on the spot. Unfortunately, no pics right now, but soon.

First thought: "OMG AWESOME" is an understatement. If you remember my awe at the KJW M4 last year, this is even better. At least it sounds better.


Unlike the KJW, which has plastic smashing plastic/metal, this is more of an upgraded WA/G&P metal bolt smashing metal. It produces a really crisp CLINK when fired. And the perceived recoil is also much sharper than any other GBBR I've handled due to it's lightweight, and I've handled quite a few GBBR's :P


It currently only comes in the 10" barrel configuration and uses STANAG mags instead of the KAC proprietary mags, which IMO is a blessing since it looks better. GHK Is producing an 8" kit which is supposed to come out sometime this month. But don't let the short barrel fool you, this is a definite beast of a gun. Maybe because it's not made for export yet, but the gun, like the KJW, comes pre-tuned to a whooping 120 m/s, which is roughly 390fps out of the box.

I haven't followed up on the news, but it turns out GHK did not include an adjustable hopup in the gun, instead, it is factory tuned for .25g. I've inquired and apparently the way the magazine and gun is designed caused feeding issues when used with their adjustable hopup.


Oh, gas efficiency isn't as good as the KJW, but it will fire almost two mags worth of bb's with one gas with semi or controlled burst. Full auto through one mag is no problem.


And there you have it, a short quick review of the GHK KAC PDW v2.

Hopefully I'll get some pics tomorrow.


P.S. These things blow the AK74's out of the water, first thing I'm doing is selling my GHK AK74u's when I get back to the states :P

Any takers?

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Most of you already know what it looks like, so I'll skip most of the generic pictures. But feel free to ask if you want a specific angle or shot.


So, here's what it looks like when you open the box (well, missing the mag)



spare mags I bought


Uses M4 mags




The little silver part there is metal, and it's what gives this gun the best sounding CLINK I've heard from a GBBR.





And some picture of the manual



It's really simple


The gun is so awesome, that GHK tells you to keep tightening the sights, otherwise, they'll fall off


Which is no joke, I almost lost it last night after the screw came loose. And the barrel started to wobble a little. Luckily, it just takes a little tightening via two hex screws on the bottom of the handguard.


Funny thing, last night when I took it out to test it at a local game. There were other KAC PDW's, made by WE. The GHK sounded much better and produced more recoil, and one of the WE broke while we were testing it at the waiting area getting ready :P

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IMO, it's too early to say GHK pdw is better than WE. May be the broken WE you said had been used for thousand rounds. GHK doesn't have good reputation in producing gbbr, and its AK series have failed. Btw, don't you think it's funny if a KAC PDW used a stanag mag.


About KJW, i think it has been proven to be a good quality gbbr.

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From my crude magnet test I can tell the trigger, sear, mag catch, and part of the bolt is steel. The rest I'd need a smaller magnet to figure out.


As for the version, this is the version 3, I'm not using the official versions, my version only goes by the cosmetics. GHK originally produced one with really crappy externals, so they scrapped that and then produced this version with the correct externals, that's the real version 2, and version 3 has updated internals. Which is the one I just got.


The store has an old GHK PDW that has been tested for well over 50 mags and still going. Mine has gone through 17 with no sign of trouble, other than the magwell and bolt being too tight at first, but after a few mags and lube it smoothed up. I'd say it's a winner. They've definitely learned their mistakes from the AK and improved the PDW drastically. Just remember the KJW first met with the same resistance too when I reviewed it :P

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From the videos I've seen of the GHK PDW on YouTube, it looks like an awesome gun. The recoil looks impressive and the gas consumption and lack of cool down is amazing. Theres a video of one going for over 10 seconds on full auto using a Pro-Win mag which seems pretty crazy.



It blows the WE version out of the water from what I've seen.

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Its nice to have metal smashing metal and all, but as we have seen over and over again from Raven1's testing on the KJW M4, the plastic incorporated into the bolt lightens it and therefore yields an extremely reliable gas blow back system unlike any WE or WA system seen before. What I'm worried about with the GHK PDW is that its going to be another WA wanna-be with all metal 100% realism inside - which as we've seen DOESN'T WORK WELL!


Unless you're running at extremely high pressure with CNC'd parts, you're either not pushing enough power or you're sacrificing reliability for realism. I can foresee history repeating itself with this model.


I may be wrong, but only extreme testing will tell.





I'll wait.

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To be fair, WA/G&P bolt and WE PDW (open bolt) bolt are plastic, but the bolt carrier group is zinc alloy. On the Ino and viper, the bolt is aluminium while the bolt carrier is steel


The difference is on the KJW the bolt is designed to mimic a part of the bolt carrier group, it results in a lighter overall bolt carrier assembly.


If you have seen the design of the WE PDW open bolt system, its essentially a marui flute valve system, and is very efficient. Coupled with its VSR barrel and marui hop up, its hard to match its accuracy.


Would be interested to see how the GHK works.

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Ambient testing temperature is about 25C, and it averaged about 392fps. It's supposed to be factory tuned 120m/s.

The hopup is very good, 150ft shots are easily achieved with .25g, unfortunately, I only tested it during a night game, so I can't tell how it drops off at extreme distances. But up to 100ft the flight path is very flat and stable.


And I didn't make it clear, it's not full metal on metal, because that would be stupid. The only metal that clashes on metal is the recoiling silver rod that sits on a spring.





They realized all metal on immobile metal would be tough on the parts, so this way you can get the awesome CLINK while not having to worry too much on the reliability. If you're still not sure, you can even opt to take out the silver piece or shorten it. Hope this clears things up.

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I have to say, between the two, the GHK's finish looks very poor.


WE's is better by a long shot.


GHK firing videos looks great though.


The GHK AK's are just Dboys/KALASH bodies with their gas kit installed, right? So are these PDW bodies produced in-house?



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It's the camera or photobucket <_<

If you'll notice on some spots like the grip, it's really pixelated. What seems like poor finish is just the camera or the hosting site scaling it terribly, shaking the camera probably doesn't help either. It's actually really pretty in person :/


And yes, these are produced by GHK in house.

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I proposed this idea to RA tech a while back, but I guess it was unfeasible economically to mod the rifle like this. All it is is allow an attachment of a steel rod to the bolt carrier and a recoil spring from a pistol and you can do away with the whole buffer and buffer tube system...

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That defeats the purpose of the "realism" on the AR rifle for the GBBRs....Now if they make a LR300 that would be the way to do it....


The GHK PDW still has a recoil spring, but its using the mock gas-piston spring-loaded op-rods as return to battery buffer(NOT recoil buffer), a function currently served in WA-system guns with either a piece of rubber on the upper receiver or a piece of delrin in the charging handle that the gas key hits(or none at all in some cases, just bolt or gas key slams into something else). The op-rod in this case basically is pinned opposite to real steel....but you get the added bonus of moving op-rod like the real gun, even if it moves in slightly different sequence...


Same idea in theory should be able to be made to all short piston style guns....including piston operated ARs.....

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Congrats, this is one of the only non-communist weapon I am willing to consider (others being AUG and P90, both used in one of my favorite anime). This one is cool because it is like the AKS-74U of AR but not really very AR-ish...


But have GHK done anything with AKMs? I heard they are going to actually do the AKM and make some good changes to their AK gas internals.


Though... nothing beats Daytona Gun... nothing (getting their AK drop-in kit next year).

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