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Request to delete my other account

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So, after trying many times to make an account on here, I had to use my spam email account to make it (I couldn't get any activation emails through comcast, and yes, I checked the spam and trash and all that stuff). I then tried to change the email address to my main account (comcast), and whoop dee friggin do my first account on this site doesn't work now. Could a mod please delete that account? It's username is "Gcommando36." I made this account using my third email (I have 4).


EDIT: More info, after not getting an activation email through comcast, I tried to switch back to the gmail account. The link in the email brings me to a page that says the ID and code or whatever don't match up. I tried the second link and used put those numbers in and got the same message.

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If you had emailed me direct I could have had a look before you got to this stage but I am pretty sure that Comcast spam filters block all emails from our servers.

I can't do anything now as I am away from my desk however I should be able to merge your accounts into one and leave you with a contact email address that works in your profile.


I won't be be back able to do this for about 48hrs I should think.

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