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MOD I Recon Ghillie Woodland/Grassland

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We've just had in some of the MOD I Recon Ghillie's with the integrated hood. No need to add anything, just pull it out of the bag and it's good to go.



* Allows easy front access to pockets and pouches.

* Can be worn with back pack.

* Specially selected colour to maximise concealment.

* Made from lightweight and breathable materials.

* Poly-prop thread, will not support flame.

* Elastic to attach natural foliage.

* Come in compression bag.






Alun Gilmore

The Combat Store

UK Sniper Systems

Web Site: www.thecombatstore.co.uk

Web Site: www.uksnipersystems.com

Tac Blog: http://tacr.wordpress.com/

Email: sales@thecombatstore.co.uk

Tel: 01526 351468


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