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Sniper Pistols


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Funny you mention that, someone is selling a 21" on Yahoo Japan: http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r87106637


I haven't got a chance to fire it yet because I'm out of BBs but Digicon pistols are known to be consistent high powered replicas. However, they believed that a hop unit would decrease consistency so they sacrificed range for sheer power. Add an extended aftermarket KM tight bore with SCS (spin control system) and some English speaking owners claim it to out shoot most non-classic guns save for a pre-ban Tanaka sniper rifle... However, I never found any numbers other than FPS so I don't know how far these upgraded beasts can actually shoot.


I go pistols only so I figured I might as well try building a forgotten gun that has some mystery to it. As long as it ends up shooting further than an a stock AEG then I'll be satisfied. Chest sized targets at 250' and I'll be very satisfied haha


I contacted booster about an LRB but he hasn't been on Classic Airsoft in a while... Brian seems willing to do it but I'm going to check out a local machine shop first since I won't have to ship anything.

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That 21" is cool. I love how the barrel is modular.


Only trouble is, I would go crazy with too many barrel sections. I wouldn't need an LRB - I could just touch kill them with the end of the gun :P


TBH, I thought that my 15" Deagle was cool and ridiculously long, now I see that I don't even know the meaning of ridiculously long. Although, IMHO, 15" is just about as long as pistols, even sniping pistols, should go. There has to be a limit before the added barrel length becomes a hindrance, not a help.


Once some more tuning on my Deagle is done I'll have to get some range testing footage up online.


You might as well get a giggle out of my stupidity:


Has anyone here seen the 'Girl takes Deagle to the nose' vid on youtube? Well, I added a vertical grip to my oversize Deagle creation and doing so creates a tendency to hold the pistol like a rifle, with your eye close behind the rear sight. Yep, you guessed it - I blared off a double tap at two guys behind a tank and got the rear end of my deagle slide in my nose twice :D


Also, isn't annoying watching all those sweet guns on the Japanese airsoft auctions pass us by in the rest of the world? I wish they could ship internationally :(

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If the 21" comes with it's own butler i will take one :) using a tree to rest against while taking aim would be sooo common, butler's shoulder is much more civilised.


Don't think my site would allow me to play games with those, but loving this thread, it just keeps giving.


Kenworth, yep seen the deagle girl, but that hurt a lot. When i started airsoft not knowing much about airsoft i got the Mk23 because of the no-blowback and ability to fire from very strange positions with out loosing teeth :) then again Deagles where made to run a scope, looking forward to what you have cooked up.

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Mock-up of what I'm trying to get done. Extended barrel and a M1911A1 style mainspring bump on the back of the grip since I notice that the muzzle naturally points downwards with my muscle memory


edit: the original picture isn't mine, I was lazy haha. I'll probably stick a C-More replica on it instead of a scope for quick target acquisition. "For 20mm rail" means weaver rail right?

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So I played at a CQB game today with my pistols-only load out and the Digicon performs! Not as much range as I'd like from it, but since it was the stock barrel, it passed my expectations hitting people (and a free shot distance) around 2/3 the range of a stock TM M1911A1 shooting .25s on propane.


My Tanaka 6.5" M500 I think I need heavier rounds for because on .25s they were still veering off in random directions at the end of their trajectory (mainly right, can anyone diagnose this?)


As for my WA 6" Infinity, since I'm home for spring break, I finally got the package mistermiles of Trader's Airsoft sold me since he shipped it to the wrong address.... except its a 5" barrel... I installed it anyways since it was used and I wanted to see if it worked for me. I loaded up the magazine with .25s... BBs were arching down so I swapped my stock barrel back in and played for 4 rounds. I got curious so I put the LRB back in the pistol and tried some .2s. Success! Flat beyond TM M1911A1 Range but it over hops somewhere at the end. I'll try getting some .23s next time I order ammo.


Overall, besides the two games where the camo team was getting pushed back, I kept my k/d ratio near 2/1 and found the Box of Lucky Charms Cereal and gave it to the Leprechaun for an extra raffle ticket!... It was a themed game today actually. In the very first round, they gave all the people under 18 green vests, the ability to shoot full auto even within buildings, and went against everyone else. They had to end the match early because we pushed so hard the little "leprechauns" couldn't push past their respawn! :rolleyes:

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Sounds like a good day out bobby.


Haven't had a TANAKA, i would guess the veering off to be hop related, is the nub/rubber seated right, maybe a strip down and clean and rebuild is all thats needed. Does it happen with all ammo brands/weights, could be an ammo issue.


I last played on .25s (trying to run the same ammo in all guns) with good effect all round. Trying some .28 Guarder (cheap here in the UK for .28s) and they just don't work as well across everything.

Killer results in a modded TM G17, flat to 40m with about 3/4 hop on. The TM MK23 had full hop on (both with nineball purple rubber) and it only just made 35m before dropping.

As much as i would love several pistols to play with it's time to go one way only, just got a basket case TM G17 to play with, paid a bit much for it, but 2 mags and a complete spare gun to practice working on in the long run worth it (i think :rolleyes: )

The modded G17 is going more race gun for primary use, the basket case...now i have straightened the trigger sear, ordered a MAG replacement spring kit (trigger spring/disconecter sear springs missing) is just getting up and running for back up or those Dualie moments when one pistol is not enough.

We tried to hit a static man sized target at 50m and i was able to get a couple of times with the modded G17, the iron sights aren't helping so a red-dot set up is coming, i can't wait for the look on the other players face when they work out they just got capped at 40m+ by a pistol.




Just re-read your post, lucky charms thing, brilliant.


Keep the game day stories coming people, and more photos.


On that note of scope mounts again, torn between a real FAB defense unit £25 in the UK or making my first overseas internet shopping experince happen next month and getting a ACM knock off, thats around £8.50 plus any import tax extra handling fees etc etc (after some AIP glock bits as well)

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Same guns, different place.


Outdoors night game, semi CQB, the place looked similar to a paintball field but was made to be airsoft-only.


My friend and I got lost on the way because the field is on private property that has a small road in the middle of two houses in a residential area. So hard to find! Anyways, when we got there we payed our fees and the lady said, "You two look like cool guys so we'll give you a discount! Just $15 each. Except you have to go over there and hug the guy with the spiked hair and this girl here. Haha." So we payed our $15 and I hugged the girl. Apparently it was her first airsoft game! went to hug the guy and he flipped out in confusion. I turn around and see the lady recording us on her camera phone laughing. Perhaps his wife?


Anyways, my friend and I load up and the briefing starts... but we weren't done loading up so we miss the breifing, break our "red for dead" glow sticks, and our green glow sticks then head out for the field. The teams were green and blue and when we hit the field we eventually found our spawn point (it was marked by a lantern and dead people with green glow sticks). We asked a ref what the respawn rules were for the match was and found out it was 3 man respawn. We probably should have asked if there was an objective but since there was already a guy walking back, we spawned and went off into the darkness.


I pulled out my revolver and my LRB equipped Infinity then split off from everyone, creeping around the map. I was trying to get close to their spawn and ended up killing three guys that crossed my path... One was friendly... Oops! As I got around the kill house I was hit from the side by shotgun fire and took out my red glow stick while walking back to spawn. When two other people came back, I followed the guy that talked to me at spawn while we were waiting for a third man and we made it within viewing distance of the enemy spawn. I saw a blue glow stick from within a bunker so I popped up from behind cover and shot the silhouette at the same time my buddy called out surrender. We continued on to their spawn when we started taking fire. When we crouched out from behind cover he took the left so I split and took the right and I found myself behind a pyramid of black oil drums. The fire was being concentrated on the wooden pallets to my left, directly in front of the enemy spawn and it seemed that the other team didn't know I was there! Peaking from both sides of my cover I shot a guy trying to flank us but couldn't reach out to get the guy that was with him. He yelled to his team that there was people behind the oil cans were I was hiding and a flashlight pointed towards my canisters and I heard shots riddle the other side of the drums. I sat silent and still. The guy must have gotten tired of holding the flashlight on me because it disappeared and the action went back towards the wooden pallets where there were 4 of my teammates stacked up shooting from cover. I peaked to the left of the oil drums and saw a blue glow stick slithering on the ground. Funny how that worked out for him. With my Infinity I shoot 5 rounds into the direction of the glow stick. Hit. I shoot more but the Infinity runs out so I hide behind cover and switch to a 1911. The two minute warning gets yelled from HQ and we continue our standoff with the other team. Endgame.


I walk back to the staging area and reload my revolver, Infinity, and 1911. Briefing number two starts and a couple of people comment on my load out asking where my rifle was and why I had so many pistols. Smiles every time. The next game was "capture the jug." 5 illuminated jugs in the kill house, three man respawn for team green, one man respawn for team blue since they were 5 people short, only one jug could be in transit per team. The spawns were switched with green on the far side and blue close to HQ.


I pull out my revolver and 1911 and run down to the kill house. I'm next to three other guys my the small 6 o'clock outer entrance (the kill house has this circular fence around it covered in tarps so you can only see through the four entrances which are at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions). For the rest of this story I will be using 12 o'clock to refer to the entrance closest to the blue spawn. A guy crouching with nothing in his hands says, "Can I borrow a pistol? My shotgun broke and I'd just be surrendering people." I cringe and hand him the TM M1911A1 in my right hand. He says thank you and I pull out my second TM then go into the "circle". Quiet. Too quiet. I rush into the kill house guns blazing but there's no one there... I holster my revolver and pick up the jug expecting it to be heavy. It was empty and only had the light in it! I then run out of the kill house, out of the "circle" then get shot as I leave the entrance. I drop the jug, pull out my red glow stick and notice that the guy that ended up picking up the jug after me was my friend that I came to the field with! I get lit up since I'm directly behind my friend and yell out "HIT!" probably acting as a human shield for my friend but no one has to know. I see him make it back to spawn. One jug down. I get back to spawn, my friend waits with me since we haven't played side by side the night and we spawn when another person comes. We head back to the kill house, either my friend dies or he split off with the other person but when I turn back there's no one with me... I sneak off to 9 o'clock next to the kill house "circle" and hide behind a stack of oil drums. Silence. Then all of a sudden my mask starts fogging up on the right side. Its not so bad I figure, so I stop breathing out of my mouth and try to be silent. Then the left side of my goggles fog up... great. I hear gun shots, a surrender, and see a flash light pointing towards the 6 o'clock circle entrance. Not good. I see a cloud of a light beam, my green glow stick that I stuck in my left glove, the outline of the wooden pallet in front of me a semi-glowing sky above me, a blur of the ground and darkness everywhere else... Then I end up getting surrendered. I cautiously walk back to base using the yellow-orange dot of a lantern in the distance as my reference point and look at the ground to make sure I don't trip on anything causing me to walk through a few bushes. Good thing I bloused my boots! I eventually make it back to spawn and since I had it drilled into me that taking a mask off at any time on the field will get me removed from the game, I tried to stretch my paintball mask in front of my face and wipe the lens with my glove. Horrible idea. I could see a little better but now there were streaks and it was still foggy. My friend died and asked me if I was ok. I told him about my goggles and asked if he could walk me back to HQ so he popped out his flashlight and we walked back to his car. When we got there I realized that my 1911 mag somehow fell out somewhere! He lets me borrow his mask since he put a fan over the goggles to stop them from fogging and I embarked red glow stick in hand with his flashlight to find my lost magazine. I get a few questions from people wondering what I'm looking for and they wish me luck. I felt bad for giving their positions away because I'm pretty sure a few people died because of me but I wanted to find that mag! I didn't find it and later realized it could have been on the other side of the field if it had dropped out during the first round. I ended up fogging my friend's goggles up too even though it had a fan. Go figure. At the end of the round I make it back to my friend's car and we see everyone else packing up. Was that it? The lights at HQ go dark and cars start driving away.


$15 for two rounds? Ehh..... Nice field for a night game but considering I fogged up half of the second round, missing half the first round, and lost a mag on the field I'm probably not coming back. When I got home I posted a lost ad on their forum but don't expect it to be returned :(

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Bobby, Cracking tale of daring do.


Interesting discount scheme they run at the site :).

I too have blown out the game play to find a dropped mag (about £26 each for TM in the UK) bad enough in daylight let alone darkness.


I like to mess with the other teams heads at safety brief. I run a light belt order so wear it under my jacket, it appears i am going out to play unarmed, the regulars are used to me now and know not to get to close to me unless they are in groups of at least 3, they do come and find me in the safe zone to ask about the pistols, the red-dotted stocked MK23 turned some heads when i put it together mid game and attacked large groups and went hunting single players, great fun. Hoping that running 2 of the same pistol will enhance play, maybe run the Mk23 as back up of the back up.


With some practice and carefull set up (like on a sniper rifle) then you can hold your own against AEGs and get some serious range from pistols, long live the players that only see them as any use for inside buildings or last ditch use, they are the players i like to hunt down.

Hopefully get to play again myself next month :) so some more tales of action.

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I'm going to be taking a much better look at this thread now that I've had to tone down my playing due to Uni and various other commitments. Some of the info here is great guys, and some very cool tales. I especially like your tactic Dagonet of a light kit, and fooling the newer guys :P

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I am getting old and can't run about all day like teenagers.


But i am wiser, and have watched way too many John Wayne films and Dirty Harry. Nothing beats falling out of a bush, swaggering towards 2 or 3 newbies like 40m away, they watch and wonder ? get under 40m then BAM BAM BAM, quick draw and take them down, when it's only 2 players i sometimes get the pair, then run off laughing :) while they still try to work out what just happened.


Depends where you play, urban is better for pistols but you can run wild in woodland, the range is pushing it, but with work you can engage at 40m with a good chance of hitting your target.


Where i play anything single shot only over 350fps up to 500fps has a blanket MED of 35meters, so the required back up must be able to be effective out to, and beyond the MED, we don't really have any serious sniper types so they all assume pistols are only good for close in work, they tend to carry AEGs as well, so extra weight.

Use anything you can to your advantage, try black BB's when you get dialled in, it's a small edge/advantage, surprise is very good, play John Wayne and go looking for trouble. The surprise when i first used a stocked MK23....took on a large group, got within 30m of them and got spotted, took the spotter out so silent, so fast the others didn't know what was happening, silent Mk23 and a fast mag change took most of them down. Being a bit to close some others popped out of cover sprayed in my direction and forced me back, medic the dead players back in and i was very outnumbered, my regen was not very far away so i duked it out with about 10 players, whipped out a G17 to confuse them with a new noise another gun=another player, was down to my last mags when i got flanked and hosed down, then they came over to see what i shot them up with, they wasted more of there time in a time crucial game :)

Be sneaky it's fun.

Think of your pistol as a mini sniper, treat it well, set it up, tune it like the rifle chaps do and it's a suprise what a very well set up pistol will do, just practice lots, feed it nice ammo and use good lubes, and the more mags the better. 3 for the MK23 and now up to 6 for two G17s. With the MK23 i go in with the spare mag in hand ready for a reload, find a target, stalk it, wait for that moment then hit them hard, use 2 mags worth then get out, run away, hide, mag 3 goes in so pistol is ready to shoot, then reload/gas the 2 used mags and then repeat the process.


(P.S. now having 9 pistols mags, it's not that light anymore :) )

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Mini-sniper indeed Dagonet!


I noticed that my 5 pistol loadout started getting cumbersome since literally all of them were mounted at my waist so I think I'll focus my revised loadout on my Infinity with LRB and the Digicon since they have the range, leaving the revolver as a last-ditch weapon (to be holstered somewhere else... not sure where yet) and moving the 1911s up to my vest as cover-fire weapons.


When you get your gun dialed in people really underestimate how far they can shoot

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I did wonder how multi pistol type players cope with not trying to stuff the wrong mag into the wrong pistol at the wrong time (being shot at)


I like the idea of the revolver as last ditch, i already have a shoulder holster for one, just haven't got one yet.... was looking at a second hand 6" TM Python, but a battered TM G17 cropped up as well, with most of a Blackhawk holster (no mounting plate) and 2 TM mags, so got that instead.


Might move the MK23 on and just go dual G17, waiting on parts for the G2 to get up and running, G1 is getting scoped to make 40m+ easier, the aiming picture isn't too good and i need a front on standing target with iron sights, it's much much better with a scope/dot at longer range (for me anyway) it should make holdover shots more accurate.



I think 6 mags should do me, thats 6x25rds=150rds ready to fire, i can also do a second BB reload so thats around 300rds before the mags need re-gassing, plan is to use G1 primary, both hands, but have G2 ready if needed. Maybe have the MK23 tucked away loaded for silent moments.

It's taken a while, but i have slowly been buying up secondhand pistol mag pouches and holsters to do a proper gear set up. I have been using home made pouches from foam camping/sleeping mats and duct tape, getting geared up now with matching pistols, going to try a plate carrier set up and belt order again, by the summer i hope to be fully sorted. Just deciding on what scope mount to get, cheap clone or FAB Mako or Usp or an Aimtech which is nice but costly.



G1) TM G17 tan, added a TM magwell, nineball hop rubber, nineball 5.1 6.03 barrel, action 1911 piston head, short stroked trigger pull & slide, lightened BBU, sleeved and extended outer barrel.


G2) TM G17c OD missing magwell/thumbrest, bent trigger sear, trigger/disconecter sear springs missing, cut down madbull 6.03 AEG barrel, broken rear sight, and front rail base screw missing, and knackered piston head.


5x TM G17 mags all with magpul speedplates, which are a pain to re gas the mags unless you have a long gas nozzle.

1x Army G17 mag, the gas router sits slightly higher, and the valve sits higher, when you insert a mag you can hear the valve leaking from touching inside the well, valve needs a quick touch on a grinder/oil stone. The spares from G1 are going into G2

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i have done 2 loads (UK DDPM with tan vest and French DPM with belt load) and i am playing pistol only (by the way Urban assault the winter is amazing for that), but none of them use more than 2 holsters and i am never going to the field with more than 2 hi-capa.

about the mags issues, i have had almost every flavor of the TM hi-capa: xtreme (for the full auto), 5.1+SAS+tracer, 5.1+freedom art (this is a snipper looking at how accurate it is), a 4.3 kimber metal slide(the back up which never fail), a custom match (the best out of the box, but it is going now after 3 months, not needed). i have 3 set of hi-capa mags (50rounds, black and silver) which allow me to monitor my BB status even at night.


on every summer game, people look at me coming to the field without AEG, crazy french guy is the first thing i can read on their face, but then after few minutes, people are coming to see my xtreme in full auto with the 7" barrel and the red dot to ask me how much it cost to get that :)


note: before that i was a M9 fan, going on the field with double shoulder hoslter and 2 WE cutlass... the feeling of power was amazing, but they needed too much work to improve the accuracy and were struggling in the winter. I could never considere them as snipper pistol due to the poor accuracy, even my back up TM M9 was not in the same league than the hi-capa.

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I did wonder how multi pistol type players cope with not trying to stuff the wrong mag into the wrong pistol at the wrong time (being shot at)


LOL! Back when I was trying to get comfortable carrying three guns, I once struggled to reload my Detonics only to realize I was ramming my car keys up the magwell. Case of too much muscle memory and no brain cells.

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so i run with 2 x 50 rounds, 2 x 31 rounds black, 2x 31 rounds silver, so 220bb loaded... if i go for 25mn CQB games it is enough. if i have a long game i also load my 2 hi-capa before leaving the safe zone to get to almost 300bb available.

i never tried the car keys :D

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let the boyfriend take the sig out to play the other day, he had a lot of fun snapshooting the most gorgous nbb gun I have ever worked with. with .2s its dead on 15 shots all in the right place each time with a co2 crack that confuses people and still under 350, the new mag turned up well worth the money. the revolver is still on the to do list as its developed an issue. hopefully its fixable.

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Scope mount ordered, see how much fitting this will take....


After my encounter with the SHS universal mount (not well made, don't fit a glock too well) i have gone for a real mount and not a airsoft knockoff.


Did look at FAB Mako clones by ACM, cheap....really cheap, so suspect quality (about £10 plus international shipping)

Did look at Aimtechs over at midwayuk, nice, very nice, £55+postage and available here in the UK, however not sure if real Glock mounts will fit TM.

Did look at real FAB Makos at ukmcpro, nice, cheap too £25+£4.50 postage, but again unsure if a real one will fit a TM.


As i know senorbear has fitted a FAB USM, with some minor modification (dremel/file) then i have gone for that, from ukmcpro £34.99 + £4.50 postage, not cheap but as it's real it should last longer than an Airsoft knockoff, and if i get bored of Glocks it will carry over and fit any 20mm railed frame pistol.

The second battered Glock i picked up has been a learning curve. Rebuilt with spares, now been stippled as well. All the bits should come together on good friday, and a scoped up Glock to play with on sunday and another G17 as back up.

Held off on new bits. I have removed the black paint from the stock TM G17 recoil spring guide rod, filed the ridges/imperfections off, and polished it up. Surprised how well it came up. How long it stays shiny is another thing, i expect the cheap metal to tarnish, but for now, it's slippery and smooth, which should equal a slight gain in performance.

The G17 was good to 40m, now it's warmer i hope to see an increase in range. Might only play a few games as the venue is combat zone near lincoln and it's a hi-cap box mag day, and the games tend to be high volume fire and short, not too much scope for hunting.

Piccys to follow when it's set up next weekend :gun2:

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