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Agree with the above, if you can't see who's given you negatives and they don't have to provide a reason for doing it, there's nothing at all to stop anyone who feels like it just giving out as many negative points as they can for no reason at all, and then the 'victim' has no recourse of action what so ever.


Calling it something like 'community rating' does make sense to separate it from the sales and wants side of things, but then with the current system which has very few features to it, you will then end up with people who have very negative ratings as a member of the community when they've not actually done anything at all wrong. I got a minus for my first post in this thread, did the content in said post warrant me being labelled a 'bad' person with a low standing amongst the members of this good forum? As far as I can tell, and I've re-read it twice, I don't think so.


Also, being able to quickly see which posts you have +/- attached to would be much better in my eyes and I'd imagine most others would agree, if I'm being given praise (or indeed criticised) for something I've posted, I'd really quite like to know what it is I'm being given points for. As for the positives only thing, it brings facebook to mind since you can only ever 'like' things, and to me I think that works for the most part, it's far from ideal but this isn't a perfect world and often people are just cruel for the sake of it, so only being able to give +'s elminates a lot of arguing, upset and pretty much all need for the moderation of the system, no one's going to be unhappy about getting positives.

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