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Flecktarn Pictures

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Also, is it usual for Lindnerhof to be incredibly slow?

It took them a month to ship my stuff, and whoever they shipped it with are sure taking their time too.

Unfortunately yes. They typically take a while to respond and ship, and DHL is pretty slow too. what did you order :D?

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Unfortunately yes. They typically take a while to respond and ship, and DHL is pretty slow too. what did you order :D?


Ah, makes me feel a little bit better knowing it's normal :)


I ordered some tan G36 pouches for myself and a friend, to use with our KSK DA-impressions, and a padded belt with pistol mag-puches.

Another friend of mine also ordered a chestrig.



Anyway, here's some pics from Sunday's game:





I'm on the lower right, with the MG3.


Köhler KSK pants and shirt,

Mehler ST bodyarmor


Tasmanian Tiger backpack for my HPA-rig.


Not based on anything in particular. A friend of mine was supposed to use my IdZ as his chestrig didn't arrive in time. He didn't show, but I couldn't exactly delay the whole game to reconfigure my kit either, so that's why i used the ST instead of SK+IdZ over-vest like I normally do.


It worked well though. The insanely high collar on the Mehler ST is great for taking some of the load from my MG-sling.

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Oh well, I suppose it's about time I threw a few of my pics up.

Here's one of my friends and I from our university team. I'm on the far right. I'm so glad I was able to convince our 50+ person team to all adopt flecktarn as our official camo, spreadin' the good word


The rest are from our club's last op. As you can see from my face in the last one, it had been a very long day, so you'll have to forgive the sloppy holster straps :P And yes, I am running the web gear under my Mehler, it's the only way I can carry all my G36 mags






I nearly always hate how pictures of me turn out, but there's just so much flecktarn in these :wub:

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I got worried for a second when i saw you with an M4, but the rest of your pics redeemed you ;)


F*ing G36 mags!!! I'm probably up to at least 30 of them by now, it's such a pain to lug them all around. It's so much easier to just use my M16, and it happens to be my most reliable gun, which is unfortunate as it is also my least favorite. Fear not, I make up for it by having a SG1, 3 G36 variations, and more flecktarn than the rest of my team probably has put together...

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