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Flecktarn Pictures

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It is velcro backed, I own one. They look nice, but I have considered what others might think. It's hard to think of a comparison though, as it's not equivalent to "US Army" or anything, it's an international coalition. I dunno, but for now I consider it ok to wear, while I won't wear anything like unit patches, ranks, etc

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I actually managed to find a set of two velcro backed ones on eBay, one the green color and one in desert tan. Two more days to go, we'll see if I win it. If not, I'll probably go with the above link. Do like the look of the tan one though.


Anyway, my Tropentarn shipped out today. Can't wait to try it on! (in two weeks... )

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My "Wanna-be oldschool KSK-FSK kit"









- Tac-Gear Boonie, modified.

- Tasmanian Tiger Watch Cap.

- MSA Sordin Superme Pro X.



- KSK-hose Leo Kohler.

- KSK-Smock Leo Kohler, modified.

- HAIX BW 2005 combat boots (not shown)

- BW issued gloves.


1st line:

- Pistol belt.

-- Dump pouch, Сlassic Аrmy.

-- Double pistol mag pouch, Flyee ind.

-- Mora2000 knife.


2nd line:

- Tasmanian Tiger Chest rig Mk1, modified

-- P8 mag pouch (for speedloader)

-- Compas pouch (for duct tape)

-- Flaregun holster (modified for fitting TM SOCOM).


3rd line:

- Tasmanian Tiger Mission Bag.


Weapons and devices.

- СА G36K (~350fps, optic sights insert from real G36, woodland paint).

-- Beta-C mag, ACM.

-- 6 mid-caps.

-- Fenix TK11 flashlight, on offset mount.

-- Harris-style bipod, on QD mount.

-- Tasmanian Tiger 3-point sling (not shown)


-- 2 mags.

-- Suppressor.

- GPS Garmin 12.

- Kenwood TK5AT radio.

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Feldjager what PC is that?


Belair, nice pic.

Guy in the center's Cage looks a little off to me, like he's got Cage sides with CPC shoulder pads and plate bags. It's probably just my half awake mind though.

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