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WE M14 Gas Blowback Rifle

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Yeah I'll end up with socom 16 and ebr build once the co2 reign begins, hoping somewhere between the co2 puncture valve and the knocker valve, there is a clear space for drilling and tapping for a fill valve... dh style


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Have not heard about anything. What do you actually need it for?


With MAPP the rifle works in colder temperatures (or you can use Nuprol 4.0 or other type of black gas) and the bucking is going to give proper function up before the mag...if you fill it in advance, let gas settle etc...


And if you need to fill in the field, just use hand warmers or similar type of heaters. Simple, easy, safe.


The lowest temperature I have shot my M14s was around -5C. But bucking gave up.



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