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Bad Traders/Sellers (US)


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we did a trade which consisted of me giving him 80$+ a 80$ mp3 player + a STTi M93r which was worth 120$ off airsplat. He was already selling the psp for 150$ and kept changing the deal ... he said he paid for priority mail and he used standard mail which took 4 days. He shows no sympothy to his buyers/traders , and is a total *beep*. I would stay away from him , he recieved my M93R and broke it , telling me he fired a mag through it and it shot perfect then he screwed it up somehow ( god knows what ) and i also talked to KodiakG36c ( i think BlackJack on this forum ) and he said he traded a gun to ghost for a G18c and ghost hit kodiaks gun with a HAMMER because he couldnt assemble a part and after he broke my gun he was demanding for a new one then started calling me chunky.. After we resolved the problem he still goes on being immature , changing my rep to - on threads that arnt even related to the deal we did. Stay away from him

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First, off, that is such BS. I have 2 people who you can talk to, after the 1st mag it BROKE. How do you know I broke it myself? Why would I go through all that trouble? And for KODIAKG36c, I asked him to replace the bolt, but then he said he didnt have any money so I was cool with that and used a hammer to try and force a part in. You really have no idea what your talking about. And calling you chunky? What about me, chink,gook? Look at your rep, the other guy said the SAME exact thing I said. You also changed my rep, so why shouldn't I give you -1? Thats what I thought. I'm not saying ALL your guns are broken, i'm saying the m93r did break, and we talked to AEX today, and they said the spring for the trigger broke off. Now my friend has to buy a completely different lower frame because they don't make replacement parts for the STTI M93R. We don't even know what you did with the top slide, we shot 1 mag, reloaded, then it just f***ed up. If you call reloading a gas gun with bbs and gass breaking a gun, then you are dead wrong. But its ok, i was giving the m93r to my friend, and you told me the PSP pixels burned out after you used it :):D:P


Also, after we got in a argument, biohazard tried to do some amatuer AIM hacks and try to mess up my AIM and computer because i totally proved him wrong.


As for the super 9 which has nothing to do with the m93r, I did talk to UHC and also another member on AS-R forums, and they said that on some of the s9's, the bolt catch would be really hard to fit into the back of the bolt, and BOTH of them told me to try and force it in. The AS-R member did the same thing except he got his in. So, you can talk to UHC company about the s9, Airsoft Extreme about the m93r (defective gun). We actually did go into the AEX store and had them inspect it. If you want, i'll give you contact information for BOTH of these companys. And i didn't say $150 for the psp, unless you can prove otherwise.


Also, MODS, why did you come down on me? Biohazard really provoked me to all of this. Some guy was selling some mags and then i posted and asked if i could buy them, and biohazard replys and tells everybody not to buy from me and you didnt do anything to him? When I reply back i get minus 2 rep points? Can you please explain this to me?


BTW: biohazard, your mp3 is not worth 80, it is worth ALMOST 50:http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=4927860


keep in mind a PSP is 250 new, and you also got GTA:LCS which is another 50 dollar value, 300 dollars. Man, i really ripped you off huh?

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I contacted a person on this forum going by the name SOCOMRT51 about a trade for a M203 he has that he was interested in trading for a Wells R6 in December (just before Christmas), even emailing outside of this forum. Now it is February, and although I shipped the R6 before New Years I have still not received the M203 or gotten any kind of contact from him in the last 30 days. The last email he sent was that the M203 was shipped and even listed a tracking number, but USPS has no record of that item ever being delivered to them, it simply has shown that it was paid for but not delivered.

If anyone has contact with this person I would greatly like to either hear from them to straighten this situation out.

Thank you all.

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suppose to send my pics on tuesday, saw nothing

wednesday i shipped, still no pics

thursday he was suppose to give me the pics, nope. he supposidely shipped on that day.

friday. gone the entire day. send him an email demanding a tracking numbers and the pictures. no response.

this morning- saw him on aim, asked him about pics+ tracking number, signed off .7 seconds later:

as according to my trillian logs:



sachiel9051: we'll ship on wednesday if it's ok with you


johnckleen: works for me



sachiel9051: hey


sachiel9051: do you have the pictures?


p90 dude: yea i'll get them to you tonight


sachiel9051: thanks


p90 dude: np



johnckleen: i ran into some problems today, but i'll have it shipped first thing tomorrow


johnckleen: i have the pics for you though


johnckleen: they're on the other computer over at my gf's house


johnckleen: i have your label and everything printed off there, i'm just here to grab the gun and take it over there to box it up and ship it



johnckleen: hey i'm about to take off and go ship that package and then run some errands


sachiel9051: thanks


sachiel9051: did you email the pics?


johnckleen: that's part of the errands


johnckleen: lol


friday( after he got confirmation that the vsr is on the way to his house):


yeah, he magically disapeared

i sent him a blank email with this subject:

Package will be returned-to-sender if pictures and a tracking number is not provided by 8 pm today.


this morning (wow, he signed on!):

sachiel9051: john?


sachiel9051: what's up?


iampeterliu: john?


iampeterliu: do you have the pics or the tracking number?


iampeterliu: guess not huh


*event* johnckleen changes status to offline


good thing i got fedex to return-to-sender.

here's the fedex tracking link:

tracking history

be aware of this guy. his shipping address is

johnckleen: john maher


johnckleen: 304 S. Chestnut

Augusta MI 49012

but according to the white pages he actually lives in battle creek, as supported by him saying:

johnckleen: you should get your gun monday prolly though


johnckleen: i know that the fedex ground shipments out of battle creek leave at like 530

edit: added trillian log

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yup, the silence treatment today. again:

[20:27] iampeterliu: so john

[20:27] iampeterliu: want to tell me what's the situation right now?

[20:29] *** "johnckleen" signed off at Sat Apr 15 20:29:10 2006.

trillian's funky logs: sachiel9051+ iampeterliu is me, p90dude and johnckleen is him. it's also his arnie's sn btw

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I just talked to Jordan2139, since the address is in MI and is only 16 miles away from the guy who scammed Jordan2139, and Jordan just told me it's the same guy cuz the the way he talks is just the same, I think mod needs to pay attention on this issue


EDIT: i forgot to make my point, it's the same scammer under a different name and address, and the scammer also told Peter(n00b3r) he has another address in battle creek, which is a place between the 2 addresses I map quested)

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Like Bernie said, he also told me that he is printing the lable out for me and shipping it. I wanted some pics for the gun and he said his friend had his cam. No communication was recieved after the shipment of my gun.

after i requested the fedex should return my package, he signed on the next day:

johnckleen: man, have you seen the tracking on the thing?


johnckleen: apparently the thing went to the wrong house or something


johnckleen: it says it was refused


johnckleen: returned to sender


peterfrom803: hmm


peterfrom803: weird


peterfrom803: i'll send it again


johnckleen: ok


peterfrom803: so do you have the pictures?


johnckleen: mine's in transit, but the tracking number's at my gf's


peterfrom803: alright


sachiel9051: so what about the pics?


peterfrom803: so mind explaining why i am unable to contact you via my other 2 screen names?


johnckleen: idk


johnckleen: my girlfriend


johnckleen: or ex girlfirned


johnckleen: was on here


johnckleen: she might've blocked you


johnckleen: wait, other two screennames?


johnckleen: i only knew the sachiel one


peterfrom803: yes sir


peterfrom803: "i am peter liu"


peterfrom803: btw


johnckleen: ic


johnckleen: hm


johnckleen: weird


peterfrom803: where do you really live?


peterfrom803: battle creek or


johnckleen: augusta


peterfrom803: so why did you say that the fedex truck leaves battle creek at 5?


peterfrom803: and do you have the pictures?


johnckleen: because battle creek's ten miles away


johnckleen: yea i do i'm trying to find them


johnckleen: my gf *fruitcage*ed up my pc


johnckleen: i'm ######


peterfrom803: very inconvinient isn't it


johnckleen: yup


edit: more supporting fact:

that was the pm from him:


Hi, saw your thread about the VSR-10. I have a TM P90, mint condition, has an m100 spring and a EG1000 motor in it, but other than that is completely stock. I have an 8.4v Sanyo sell mini battery that I'd include, as well. There is still orange on the flash suppressor, and the red dot works flawlessly. Oh, and it's the original version of the P90, not the TR. I have five mags and a black mag pouch. Also, it comes with a sling. I'm in the opposite predicament as you, seeing as the cqb site around here got closed, and it's getting to be warmer so outdoor games are starting to pop up. You can either pm me here (slowest way), email me at pokingsmot@gmail.com (somewhat faster), or im me on AIM at johnckleen. Look forward to hearing from you. Also, is there a scope in the deal too?

Thanks for the read

John Kleen


as you guys know, p90 COME WITH EG1000 MOTORS STANDARD!!! argh!

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Ashley Delevie.

He has my G3SG1, and I'm guessing is trying to sell or trade it now.

He has pics of it and the M4 he was supposed to send me in his photobucket right now.




That is the account.


If ANYONE finds a photo linked to that account by someone trying to sell their guns or anything, please let me know.


he tried to trade me for it, but he was never on aim after that. i had chated with him a few times and he sounded like a good guy.

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ryan parham


i dont think he has ever been on arnies, but he pulled a lot of ###### on airsoftretreat like the lr300 scam where he scammed about 10 people out of $200 each, and i saw him on ebay trying to sell the same thing. his ebay sn is familyguy856, and some of his emails are freakunderfire@yahoo.com , and familyguy856@yahoo.com so start sending all your spam to him :P his phone number is (856) 842-2021, and his address is (as far as i know) 92 N. Columbia St. Woodbury, NJ 08096 so if you talk to anyone from there be cautious.




they have horrible packing, i ordered some ion batterys from they and they just threw them in with all the penuts, so it was like needles in a haystack. the next order i got from them had no packing material, so the bag of bbs i got bust open, and the guns i got were not as pictured.

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Precision Airsoft took a month to ship my GBB, but it was really cheap, and they gave me $20 credit, but they don't answer the phone or respond to emails. :(


Edit: sorry, not really someone on these forums, but be wary...

anyway, their homepage says they'll be expanding soon, so that looks good :huh:

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Matt Magdzas of Uperior, Wisconsin has ripped me off in a very valuable trade. i was supposed to be trading my tm bennelli full-stock and marushin constrictor for the new version of th emad max shotgun and some spare shells. i never recieved my end of the package. he calime dhe never recieved mine, but i have a copy of the signed delivery confirmation from the post office. DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH THIS GUY. he also is known as Mag Matt, BurtonBoarder158, hellraiser724, and zerstrutersoldat. if anyone else has been done wrong by him, let me know as i am filing a mail fraud claim with his branch in the army

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ryan parham


i dont think he has ever been on arnies, but he pulled a lot of ###### on airsoftretreat like the lr300 scam where he scammed about 10 people out of $200 each, and i saw him on ebay trying to sell the same thing. his ebay sn is familyguy856, and some of his emails are freakunderfire@yahoo.com , and familyguy856@yahoo.com so start sending all your spam to him :P his phone number is (856) 842-2021, and his address is (as far as i know) 92 N. Columbia St.  Woodbury, NJ 08096 so if you talk to anyone from there be cautious.


Son of a.... Well, this guy got me also. G&G RK104 for $300 on ebay. Seeing as the payment went via USPS, I guess I can get him for mail fraud.

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in the website i have seen an airgun.with the price of 227 dollars,when i payed with my mastercard,in the same moment when i accepted the pay,y received the total of the order with 227+245 cost of shipping,total 473....sudenly when y saw this expensive price of cost,y remit him my objection and fold him that i refuse the order and i explained him if i could change my order for another with a cost shipping diferent.

y never receive answer,i never receive the airgun,i never receive my money.....my english is very primitive but i,m a spanish buyer and i explain my problem with a traductor online.

thanks for all

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I am not sure this is allowed. If it isn't, mods please remove. For those who have been scammed by ryan parham, contact Investigator Bill Palese wpalese@woodburypd.com with the Woodbury PD. He will want all the paperwork and information you have. I have started the paperwork to file a theft complaint on parham. If nothing else a warrant for his arrest will get you your pound of flesh.

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Specialist CQB is a horrible trader, I just recived the KJW P14.45 he sent me in the mail which was told to be brand new never shot etc, which is total ######. I traded him my mint condition Beretta for it and I recived this piece of ###### in the mail today. The hammer is broken, the slide is also chipped at the end. The slide catch isn't working and the grips on the inside of the gun are held together with tape. I seirously am ###### and want my beretta back, my bad through for trusting people. Avoid him at ALL COSTS.

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whoreable is an awful trader. Me and Megalomaniac traded him a used VSR G-Spec for his TM P226 with extra mag.


What we got was a broken P226, with two busted mags. We took the gun to our local airsmith, and it was so badly ruined that they were unable to fix it. We demanded the VSR back, but he never responded. We then demanded compensation of $70, to cover our losses, and he said that he had to get the money. That was well over a month ago, and he has since ignored all my PMs (even though I have seen him log on since then).


Anyone thinking about trading with whoreable should pass.

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OK, well, I'm feeling Beel'ed right now.


I was supposed to trade my CA SOPMOD M4A1 with one Mr. Josh Rester-Zodrow, for a Sun Project M40A1 with gas cylinder, cheek rest, scope, and bipod.


When I sent my package UPS, he said that he had also sent his UPS, next day air.


When I didn't get it a week later, and I threatened this action, he said that it had "bounced back" to him because of incorrect markings. He was disappointed with what he received, and yet he never asked about anything. He simply said, "Ok, I'll take it!" and that was it. When I hammered him the first time, he promised to send it as soon as he received the tracking number for my second box (something I forgot to include). I sent it, and yet received no message.


And now, a week later, here I am again, nothing in my hands, several items short, and really ###### off. So, in effect, I'm submitting this name to the rest of TFAT to be advised of this scammer. Here is his contact info:


Josh Rester-Zodrow

1879 Meiners Road

Ojai, CA, 93023

(805) 640 6534



I'm reporting this to his local LE, and also posting this to every board I'm a member of, to include ASP, SEA, Arnies, etc.



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I was working out a deal for a USP slide and had payment sent before anyone else showed interest. He rejected paypal payment due to not being able to take payment through paypal from a credit card, which wasn't stated to me before I sent payment.


He informed me of this after he rejected payment and I was told someone else was interested and whoever got in the payment first was the winner. I got payment in first and I was guaranteed that it would be shipped out next day.


The next day he informs me that the other person offered $3 more and in order to get it I would have to bid higher. I wasn't going to get into a bid war for something that had already been sold to me so I backed out, he did refund my money but it still stands on principal.


I warn anyone dealing with this person (subjectxm13) to be prepared to deal with greed and lousy business ethics.

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