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The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

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First up, sorry I'm not really good at these things, introductions and all that, so check this first:



Got it? All right. So let's move on.



Here're some crappy pics I took in a hurry yesterday.

The setup is by far not final, but that was the only stuff I had floatin' around.








There a comparision the real steel legal text on the magwell:





The fit'n'finish is excellent.

The reciever has a very nice and very flat black.

No wobble, no movement except for the stock, which is fixed by a strip of tape.

And I have to admit I dig the markings pretty much. They are all almost identical to the real thing except the 6mm caliber markings, and the license text on the right side of the magwell, but the real 416 has a license there as well, it is just different.


First downers:

The fireselector appears fragil. It's made of pretty light, yet fairly sturdy, plastic.

The trigger guard is very loose

And the bolt carrier shows cratches, better say sign of use. I guess that's a result from test firing but hey, I that case I can deal with it. I rather have some scratches that will appear anyway over time and in return have a test fired gun that works instead of a possible lemon.


But in summery, nothing that can be fixed quickly or be dealt with.


Bolt catch is working perfectly, even with just a 1 second shot of abbey predator gas in the mag.


Oh yeah, it is very front heavy, never experienced that before with any other airsoft gun.


So first impressions are 9/10 so far.


great looks, great feel, great dimensions in terms of reciever and frontset fitting, nice clancking sound, nice markings (again I think Umarex made the best out of it)


and on the other side you have a wobbly fireselector and a wobbly trigger guard what can be fixed with some glue if you really want to.

and lemme get back to that again, I rather have a tested gun that shows some use than a gun I need to ship back.


And finally what I like about it, you get a complete gun.

It comes with a great frontset, a very nice stock with 2 storage tubes, a very good grip that has a storage department as well (even though that bump between index- and middlefinger sucks, my hands are too small so I need to file it down.


So this was it for the moment. Now questions please, I think it's more efficient to answer concrete questions than writing essays about stuff nobody's interested in.


Okay, I guess I gonna post this in the review section as well because it became longer than I intented it to be.

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received it today.   First things first:   Bolt carrier did need modification, luckily i used to be a fabricator and had my grinder and fabricating tools handy.   When i had measured the RA-TECH

RA-TECH bolt will be here sometime tomorrow after the £48 customs and parcelforce charge!   will let you guys know how it goes.    

I've owned the HK416A5 for a couple months now, so here are some thoughts if anyone actually reads this thread: The good: -External quality is great -Ambidextrous features are great- th

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Front heavy is normal for a good 416 copy, my HurricanE weights a bloody ton. It's due to the large Diameter barrel and Gas system being accurately replicated.


Shame about the markings, looks good though. Would have been better if they'd done the 417 though, loads of 416 out their. A 417 GBBR would be a unique gun and a great DMR Platfrom.

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VFC made a different mag for the 416 :huh: Their normal M4A1 comes with mags that look like direct WA copies with the pins at the front and bottom of the mag. This one looks like you can swap out the shell with an AEG magazine shell like PMAGs.


No, this is the type of magazine that has been delivered with all VFC models.

Maybe you are confusing VFC with King Arms, which do have a WA HD-clone magazine.

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Front heavy is normal for a good 416 copy, my HurricanE weights a bloody ton. It's due to the large Diameter barrel and Gas system being accurately replicated.


Shame about the markings, looks good though. Would have been better if they'd done the 417 though, loads of 416 out their. A 417 GBBR would be a unique gun and a great DMR Platfrom.


417, amen. Preferably in the 12 inch version.

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Well I haven't taken it to the chrono yet, but I will this afternoon, I expect around 380FPS with .2s and Abbey Predator Gas. And no, I haven't seen a NPAS either yet. Further I have no idea why the worldwide release is taking so long, I think it was released in germany sometime around May. Compared to the 416, the KWA MP7 hit the worldwide market about a month after the german release.


And yes, it does take AEG barrel, I'm pretty sure it has the standard AEG 416 barrel installed.


According to the stock, there are storage tubes that take AA batteries easily, so an AEG battery might fit in, you might have to mod your stocktube though, depending on the type of battery.


Since everybody loves pics, here are some more.

If you like to see anything specific, speak up :)







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Another question... what about the quality of the internals? I've read on some asian forums negatives comments about it at least on the M4A1. BCG breaks easily and need to be replaced, triger group is not hard enough and break and other issues.


Thanks again! ah! and thanks for the pics!

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I haven't had a change to really hard test it, so I can't say much about durability.


The thing when I got it was, that the BGC showed signs of use, meaning some paint at the bottom had already been scratched off. I guess it's from testfiring which is a proof of quality control in my book and since the BGC is painted it will start showing wear and tear either way. But those sign of use haven't changed since.


The interal at least look quite promising and everything is running very very smooth, you can try to move the Bolt carrier back and forth as slow as you can, there won't be any hick ups at all. Unlike my old WE M4 where you really had to slam the BGC home to make sure it sits correctly.

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Hey Somegirls, I heard the VFC GBB-Rs can take WA mags as long as there is no valve lock. Can you please confirm that? And if they do, does the bolt stop function work? It's a real deal breaker for me. If the VFC HK416 can take WA mags, I'll buy it. If not, too bad, I'll stay with a pure WA plateform.

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To be honest, I just screwed the outer barrel out and took a hecksaw to the inner barrel. Did it on several rifles already, works fine for me. And the silver spacer is made by a friend. You need a spacer or some shims, otherwise the flashhider will not screw down all the way to sit flush on the gasblock.


About the steel part, I have to dig for a magnet, but I'll find one.


So magnet and chrono readings yet to come!

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Somegirls thanks for all your information.


Keep waiting for your news. As much information we could get about this GBB-R; more people wants to bought it, hahaha!! ask to umarex to left you one more to test in deep and make a full review and durability test. I'm sure that with the apropiate words they left you one.


And for the mags question... I like the VFC idea on modularity. You can change the mag shell so I'll start to bought magpul e-mags for use with this GBB-R.

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I ok, I just took it to the chrono.


Circumstances were a bit of the regular way, but still worth mentioning.


With the shortened 10" barrel, 0.25 BBs and a magazin half charged with Abbey Predator Ultra gas it clocked in at steady 360 FPS.


So I estimate that it will shoot around 450 FPS with the full lengh barrel, 0.2s and greengas.

Regular, sadly, GBBR average.

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