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The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

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received it today.   First things first:   Bolt carrier did need modification, luckily i used to be a fabricator and had my grinder and fabricating tools handy.   When i had measured the RA-TECH

RA-TECH bolt will be here sometime tomorrow after the £48 customs and parcelforce charge!   will let you guys know how it goes.    

I've owned the HK416A5 for a couple months now, so here are some thoughts if anyone actually reads this thread: The good: -External quality is great -Ambidextrous features are great- th

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Just be aware that VFC is working on a new M4/HK416 magazine and the two videos I have seen are incredible compared to current gen magazine. It is not clear if it is an upgrade or a completely new magazine. I am betting a completely new magazine but we shall see...

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Do anyone know if Polarstar + VFC HK416 GBB works?


I want to do this since i am playing at airsoft field, and i want to swtich mag fast as posible without messing round with tubes/wires

Polarstar won't fit. 




I know the DaytonaGun kits are meant for G&P GBBR bodies. With enough modification, it's not out of the realm of possibility that you could jam one into a 416 body. 


They're similar to the Polarstar except operate strictly on gas and have blowback that provide serious recoil. And they take AEG mags. 


Edit: I just checked www.tnkguns.com (they do the installation of the DG kits) and they actually specifically say that the VFC416 body won't work with their kits. Sorry!

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VFC engineering at it's finest?


So my HK416C(2015 version) just arrived. It comes with the new magazine. For some reason they switched the flash hider to a simple M4 style birdcage one.

WGC was nice enough to chrono the gun before sending it to me, however they left the magazine full with gas and some BBs. :P

After a bit of cleaning and relubing I put in the mag and shoot the gun. First shot worked fine but the second trigger pull simply let the hammer go and nothing happened.

I examined what might be the problem and I found out that the mag was not seated correctly. Oh well I just push it in harder or so I tought but nope! The magazine would not move inside the magwell any more despite the magazine catch clearly not keeping the mag well.

So first I took apart the gun and inserted the mag in the lower receiver with no upper on it. The mag seated right. I assembled the gun again, inserted the magazine which again would not seat right and after I pulled the bolt back I noticed that the magazine's real steel lip imitations are already hitting the upper receiver's sides. These ones:



However if I kept pushing the mag in while shooting the gun it worked fine it seemed there was a good contact between the mag and the nozzle. So I looked under the magazine catch:



So the question is what should I file down: the fake lips or the mag catch? Also the bolt seems really sticky(I polished it only a little).

Edit: or just file the part of the magazine where the mag catch goes in.

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Well filed the part of the mag where the mag catch goes and it now seats well and shoots fine but I will need to chrono it just to be sure(hopefully can do it Sunday). I hope mine was a specific case or they just released a magazine which doesn't work by default. :P

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How can they let that past QC? that just sucks donkey balls.


I wanted the 10.5 version from WGC but they were out of stock.

I have read good things about the 2014 version after the VSR mod and the videos of the new magazines just closed the deal in my mind.


Any ideas when the new mags go into general circulations?

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- The previous model also had steel internals - the trigger was made of "monkey metal". The FCG (except trigger) - bolt catch - bolt catch holder/locker - valve kocker & locker was made from steel. The bolt carrier has a steel insert as reinforcment at the bolt catch's contact area which do it really long-lasting. The internals are really good out-of-box.

- The older magazine had the same upper design with copy of RS-like feeding lip, they are/was really tight also - on my gun had the same problem but currently I use it with GHK G5 magazines so this problem was solved. :)

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This version looks great on the outside as usual, the bolt has a steel part where it connects with the bolt catch and the FCG seems to be steel. However it still uses AEG bucking and barrel by default, I tought they went VSR since their 417 uses the latter out of the box. I guess I'll try to R-hop it. While I don't have any personal experience with the previous gen magazines this one seems to be okay tough full auto fire rate seems low, but that might be the weak recoil spring's fault.

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- The VF416 has a bit slow ROF I think.

- I polished the bolt carrier's outer and the upper receiver's inner surface and the ROF raised a bit. If you have time then do the same on the piston/nozzle area too - BC's inner surface.

- Currently I ordered a few buffer and buffer spring to test which setup is the best for my gun. If I used to strong buffer spring I got cycling problems - the bolt catch won't work perfectly.

- I got good experiences with VFC high speed buffer with King Arms rubber-spacer (medium sized). I tried the VFC's buffer with the original addictional spacer (aluminium one) then the bolt carrier won't come back enought to let the bolt catch working.

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