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WA V10 Ultra Compact Custom 1911

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I haven't skirmished this, it has lived in a box for ages. Does not have the original box, it comes in a STAR pistol hard case.


WA V10 Ultra Compact (Limited)

Prime Metal Tommy Franks Frame

Shooters Design V10 Slide

Prime Steel Chamber

Guarder Steel Barrel

Real Hogue wraparound grips

Steel Springfield Armory type hammer, sear, hammer strut and pins

Star Solid Carry Case


Was originally one of a pair owned by hardboiledcop, I bought it from him with a few problems and had Mobius Strip look over it, he found some more problems and did extensive work to it. I told him to treat it like one of his own guns and he really gave it the works.


Here's what I had done after buying it.


> Hammer and sear set fitted

> Outer barrel O ring missing, fitted

> Inner barrel Pt. 205 O ring missing, fitted

> Plunger tube was not staked/affixed sufficiently - I have now fixed this

> Grip safety didn't function -- corrected

> Trigger overtravel screw had no effect due to too long a trigger - removed material from back of trigger and reshaped Bow

> Blowback engine missing rear stud/faux f/pin - replace with full Faux pin from Wilson

> Frame chamfered to stop nozzle catching during slide cycling

> Rear of slide radiused where meets hammer

> Replaced recoil spring of wrong gauge

> Rear sight loose and missing 1 screw, thread locked, this should hold just fine but obviously it may well be worth fitting one when they become available

> Front sight thread locked also

> New BBK O ring fitment (to be safe)

> Installed chamber unlock assist spring

> Gas route packing chipped, replaced with new

> New upper disconnecter


As said above this is missing one rear sight screw, the other has been thread locked for safety.

Only one magazine included and it no longer holds gas. It had been fixed but the seals have gone again due to age. Any SCW single stack mags will fit this gun.


Second picture is by hardboiledcop when he owned it but the gun is the same as then other than the hammer, as you can see in my first pic. I lack a decent camera :(


I take Paypal and will need proof that you are a skirmisher.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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