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Custom Tailored Kydex Holsters

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Hey guys,

I’ve started making custom tailored Kydex holsters for varying needs in the game of Airsoft.


If you can’t find a decent fast drawing holster for a particular weapon such as a Desert Eagle or Mk.23 SOCOM I can make one for you, even if it has a rail attachment such as a laser sight, Tactical light, LAM Unit or anything else for that matter.


All my holsters are made from 2mm heat formed Kydex which provides a sturdy and tough holster with the ability for excellent retention and fast drawing, on a par with that of a SERPA but no button release.


All holsters are made for the Blackhawk (or ACM) CQC/SERPA leg platforms, hip, paddle & Molle attachments as well. Although smaller pistols such as Glocks can be belt mounted differently.


Tired of not being able to holster SMGs? Well they can even be made for them! SMGs such as MP7, MP9, TP9 etc...



All prices include shipping but not Paypal (+3.4%)

Large Holster (DE, Mk.23 etc) - £30.00

Standard Holster (Glock, M9 etc) - £28.00

Small Holster (G23 and such) - £25.00


SMG Holster - £35.00 - £45.00 (depends on size and type)


All holsters can be made in the following colours & patterns -


- Black +£0.00

- OD +£3.00

- Tan +£3.00

- Cayote Brown +£4.00

- Carbon Fibre +£4.00

- Woodland +£5.00

- Digital Desert +£5.00

- Digital Urban +£5.00

- Digital Woodland +£5.00




To make my life easier and to make the order process easier i have created a sort of order form. Im trying to get it on the main page aswell.


If you would like a holster please download, fill in and return the form below.


Thanks for reading. Please PM for more information if you have a particular build in mind.

Thanks Guys!




Holster Order Form Doc.doc

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Hey guys,


A message to all those who have made orders -


Kydex has been ordered and should be with me by the weekend. So I'll be in contact shortly with delivery instructions.



Desert Eagle orders -

Providing the Kydex arrives on the weekend Desert Eagle holster will start shipping Tuesday.

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There held friction, due to the way the kydex is molded around the gun. With mine i've flipped the thing upside down and given it a good shake with little movement on the pistol. I've not had the chance to feild test it in a game yet but i cant see there being any issues.

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Exactly right Cpl Hicks.


Held in purley by friction and the way its moulded. On most pistols without taclights etc.. the peice that wraps around the trigger guard is dented in slightly to ensure retention.


Trust me the pistol will not come out unless you want it to. Tested with a full metal Desert Eagle w/magazine shaking it upside down rather violently with no movement at all.

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It depends on th size of the pistol.


For small light pistols such as a standard G19, Derriginer etc I can do I a custom molle attachment at no extra cost


But anything larger I suggest being mounted via the blackhawk molle adaptor which normally costs around £15.00

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Hey guys


All materials have arrived and production is starting this week.


Black/OD Desert Eagle holsters are ready for 48 hour dispatch @ £30.00 with free shipping!


M93R Black/OD holsters will ready for dispatch later this week @ £28.00 with free shipping!

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