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Custom Tailored Kydex Holsters

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Cheers Misfit.


Also just a note, I just realised the Kydex that arrived is 3mm thick not my standard 2mm. Which means the holsters are ALOT more robust and tough although less detail can be seen as well as a slightly longer production time.



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Notes -


Just to make sure people know. The Blackhawk drop legs are NOT included with purchase. Holsters are made to fit the dropleg/cqc gear.


Also the price of each holster has dropped by £6.00 and the price of each magazine carrier by £2.50.



Production has also halted for the time being as the 3mm Kydex is becoming a pain to use. However If someone wants one in 3mm they can still be done although will not be as higher quality if made from 2mm.


2mm Kydex will be ordered shortly.

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Finally all parts are in stock and have been fully ordered should arrive this week so open for business.


Please fill in the order form and email it to me -


Will send email via PM


Though the parts have come from a different supplier so a slight price change -


Standard Holsters (Glocks, M9 etc) - £25.00

Large Holsters (Desert Eagle/Mk.23) - £27.50

SMG Holsters (MP7/MP) - £30.00


Bladtech Tek-Lok Belt Mounts - £10.00


Please note that the holsters DO NOT come with a mount. A Tek-Lok/Blackhawk! SERPA Drop Leg must be purchased.


Holsters can be fitted for others if required.

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Bankz I know this is not a discussion thread but do you think a TM 5-7 with plastic frame wont melt under the temps from the moulding process?

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No not at all. Theres isnt that much heat in it, i heat the kydex seperatley then mould on the gun, very minor heat transfer.


Not had any damage to any pistol ive done including a 5.7.

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Hey guys,


These are still for sale!!


Currently doing -


Desert Eagle - Serpa Mounted (including mounts) - £25.50 posted

PX4 - Duty Belt Mounted (kydex mount)/Tek-Lok (+£10) - £15.00

PX4 w/Flashlight/Laser - £20.00

Mk.23 SOCOM w/Suppressor (w/LAM +£3.00)* - Serpa - £23.00

MP9 - Serpa Mounted (including mounts) - £27.50


* Holster works with and without suppressor mounted same retention.


All the above are available for 5 day dispatch & delivery.


Can obviously do the custom holsters for anything needed, normally for Blackhawk Serpa drop legs etc...


Large/heavy pistols such as the Desert Eagle I would only suggest drop leg mounted for security.

Medium pistols (G17 etc) can be belt mounted free or Tek-Lok for +£10.

Compact pistols can be belt mounted for no extra cost.


Prices for custom jobs are worked out based on the length of the pistol as well as light/laser attachments.


Also doing belt mounted double magazine carriers for:


TM Desert Eagle



TM 5.7


Very good for speed reloads, they retain very well. Been using a double one for my PX4 since Feb with extreme success, able to reload super fast and has saved my *albatross* more than once! Also 10x easier than going into a velcro pouch!


£12.00 each for the above


Please note only BLACK is available at the moment however they can be Kylon'd for a small extra cost.




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Hi Bankz 5152, I was wondering:


-do you ship to France?

-can you line the inside of your kydex holsters, like Safariland does? I currently have a BH Serpa that is scratching the sh*te out of my ACM 1911. It's not a big deal, but I'll soon be getting a very nice custom Kimber and there's no way this baby is gonna get scratched.

-do you also make kydex mag pouches?

-in your original post, you offer tan kydex with digi2 paint schemes. Are those still available?


Thank you for bearing with me.

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Unfortunately due to the design of the holster I require the gun itself to ensure a perfect fit. Though If you send me a link to want it is I can see of anyone I know has one so I can make the holster.


To be honest I havnt looked into lining holsters. Though now I will look into it.




Currently the only bolsters and carriers I can ship abroad are -


Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle mag carriers



Px4 carriers


Mk23 SOCOM & carriers


5.7 Mag carriers

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Update -


I am still making the holsters however as I now very busy at University things can take a lot longer and custom ones even more.


Though the following are available for near immediate dispatch -


Desert Eagle

PX4 - No attachments - Can be fitted for WE Supressor kit

MEU - No attachments

MP9/MP7 - 2 week build time.


All holsters are fitted for either -


Blackhawk! Serpas - 3 screws - Drop legs and Molle.

Bladetech Tek-Loks - 2 - 3 Screws - Generally best for Hip Holsters.

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