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Initial Impression of the H&K/Umarex/G&G MP5a5 Review

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H&K/Umarex/G&G MP5a5 Review:


Marketing Features:


Manufacturer: G&G

Gearbox Type: Ver. 2

Accuracy: 100 ft

Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS

Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds

Battery Pack Size: small or mini battery pack

Package Includes: gun, high capacity magazine, cleaning rod, and manual



Full Metal Upper Receiver

Metal One Piece Outer Barrel

Realistic Field Stripping

Adjustable Metal Sights

Quick Detach Flash Hider

Functional Cocking Lever

200 Round High-Cap Magazine

Functional Bolt Catch and Cover

Low Profile Scope Mount

Push Pin Body Pins

Side Folding Stock

MP5 RIS Handguard







Initial Impressions:


The gun is solid, and I mean solid, if you have ever held a MP5 you may know that it wobbles in the hand guard or the stock or you have the small little creak in the gun. There litereally is none in this gun, Ive held it so far for only a few hours so as of now its solid as can be. The gun externally has a working charging handle like most MP5's and has a great hop-up unit as of now very sturdy not too difficult to adjust but not too difficult. Sorry, If I got a bit ahead of myself, but one other thing I may mention is that the box just looks awesome as well, and I waited a long time for this gun to arrive and at first I thought that the packaging maybe was not the best, but when you open the box there is no movement of the gun so even if you get ground shipping your gun will be fine. rolleyes.gifAlso I may add the ris rail is very sturdy as well, and the scopemount I can not vouch for it as of now, only because airsoftgi forgot to include mine with it, but it should be here in time for the skrimish thanks to there excellent customer service. As for firing the gun the blowback seems very responsive and gives the gun a nice edge, and I do not think it will break the gun anytime soon, its sounds very flush unlike those other blowbacks in other guns. Seriously it sounds very very nice and has none of those weird clicking noises as in the combat machine for example.



Shooting Impressions:


As of now, I have had very limited time to test the full ability of this MP5 but as of now I can tell you it has a decent fps about 348-352, which is ideal for CQB with .2 gram bb's. It has been very rainy lately so its a bit difficult to test this as of now, but when I skirmish it this weekend I will tell you the rest of the results. On a 11.1v lipo battery it shoots somewhere around 20-23 bps, which is really fast and on a 9.6v I would have to say around 17-20 bps. Which is excellent considering it is only a stock gun. Now onto the range, I shot a target at about 140ish feet, its a pretty close estimate, and it was hitting it pretty dang well, more towards the top of the target but it was actually very good shooting and really accurate considering its barrel size. I will get this range test accurately done most likely by the end of the skirmish over the weekend and hopefully when it becomes nice and warm out finally.





Concluding Impressions:


The gun is well worth the $250.00's that its worth. The trades are very nice add to the gun and make the gun look really realistic, the blowback is also a nice feature. I highly recommend this gun for CQB, and possibly field, I will test this later but as of now it is good enough to skirmish with. I will post updates as it continues and this is far from the final review, and that will be done on another date, thanks for tuning in and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Here are some pictures!


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haha why thank you it was a gift from my mother ( I just took it from my home lol). Actually if you take off the rails it looks a bit better, one other thing I have noticed is that the battery guard is a 2 piece which is actually strange, but the screws from the RIS hold it in place. Also, I tested the gun again, still rainy and windy so no accuracy test as of now, is that with a 11.1v battery it shoots more like 20 bbs and 18 bbs on a 9.6 which is fast. Also when firing the gun, there is a nice clink sound, I wish I could record it, maybe if I can find away I will post it on here. Or I can just do a video shooting review of it? How does that sound guys?

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UPDATE: Took it too a skrimish today, and I cleaned the barrel and adjusted the hop-up. Wow this thing is amazing! I got overall 10 people out in the 5 hours I played. Played 3 matches total got 4,4,2. The range is just plain awesome its actually almost as accurate as a stock m4. The rate of fire and the blowback is amazing, although it does give away position. But when you hear it shoot, you just kind of want to run awaynosleep.gif. So, if you have the 250.00's to spend I say this is excellent for field and just a awesome gun for cqb, you do have to be careful with shots thought due to the blowback but im not here to judge, the review should be up shortly, im doing it in word. Thanks for tuning in.


EDIT: also one major pain I found about this gun, the handguard SUCKS. It can hardly fit a 9.6v nunchuck I have to tape the handguard, maybe its just me though? But If I do find a better way to put it in I will inform you guys, a 8.4v, 7.4v, and an 11.1v fit, but I have no idea why a 9.6 wont?

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