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Magpul Picture Thread

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The only bad thing about winter is it's too cold to refinish my rifles...


the 102 should be getting a new optic soon and the 635 will have a spare 16" upper with the G&P knight hawk kit. I'm thinking about keeping it at 400 with .25s and just running a madbul crawler to keep the FPS down on the original upper for the few times I go to a CQB place with a low FPS limit. Other than that they both need STRs when they're released and I'll be happy.

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A post that can easily be seen as offensive has been removed. I've removed the replies to it to keep some coherence on the topic.


One of the reports made by a user pretty much summed it up: "This site makes no discrimination between people of different [age], race, gender, [sexual orientation] or religion. Airsoft is a sport for all, and these forums reflect that. [we don't tolerate] intolerance toward others".


I believe the post in question was not made maliciously however as responsible adults we have a duty to post in a manner not likely to unduly offend.

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Rather than an AFG I'd suggest going with an MVG. I'm running an MVG on both my airsoft 14.5" midlength and on one of my RS 14.5" midlength uppers right now. It's pretty awesome. You can even do what I've seen some instructors do which is cut the MVG shorter as you really don't need the entire length of it.

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Awesome work Mirska, mid-lengths on a 14.5 right? Definitely a sweet gun right there, looking forward to seeing more of that.


You can even do what I've seen some instructors do which is cut the MVG shorter as you really don't need the entire length of it.


Hehe, you know some people do actually still use that super-old-school technique and go for the full vertical grip right? You've obviously trained yourself up so damn much on the modern *suitcase* you've totally forgotten about such things. ;)

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Not entirely. :) I've just taken enough combative carbine and handgun classes from different schools now that the technique has become second nature. Using just the top most part of the vertical grip rather than the entire grip isn't so much a matter of recoil control ... it's mostly about being able to index on a target faster. And that is weapon's manipulation that works equally well with both RS shooting and airsoft. It's also not a Magpul Dynamics thing as I'm sure people are going to be quick to jump on. My last couple of classes were taught by retired Delta operators and they also endorsed the newer methodology.

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I should probably stop swearing so much, in work people see it as meaning that what you say isn't serious, probably doesn't come across that way at all online, sorry if I came across as being kinda rude.


It's not like it matters all that much for airsoft, I just thought it was interesting the way you've obviously got your mind so set in the new philosophy the old techniques don't even cross your mind any more.

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Thanks guys.


CKinnerley yeah 14.5 midlength crusader tech barrel with their repro SF MBK556.


TBH i already had this planned with the rest. Going with a MVG and SF scout 300c on the illumination kit kind of copying what Steve and Chris were running in a MD class in october 2010. ;)


Pic thread:



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