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Magpul Picture Thread

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Damn Shane...  That's beautiful.


What T-1 is that?  How do you like the reduced grip angle?  I would think that'd wear on you with a long rail and such.  I can see the use for a compact CQB type rifle, but on longer builds it seems like it'd get in the way.

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Package from the US has arrived - tbh, the chinese MOE stock knockoff seems to be made better than the RS Magpul - less mold injection marks, less glossy polymer etc. Dimensions are exactly the same, i only found one minor difference.


The 16" middy upper is almost finished - only missing a gas tube, Gunfighter charging handle (on its way) some drilling to fit the FSP pins, and receiver engravings so that i can pretend it's a BCM ;).


Pardon the crappy quality, don't have a proper camera with me at the moment.


G&P WOC base gun

RS Magpul stuff

custom 16" SS barrel



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what was the price? like 320 USD or so? in a world where a standard VFC or G&P M4 costs 280 bucks, the price sounds just fine to me. it may be a plain gun and didnt come with MBUS (which are 100 dolars by themselves and a major reason why an ACR costs 500 bucks), but its a 100% gound up new AEG design that borrows some internals from a V2 gearbox for the sake of being able to fix it.


id say its plenty worth 320 bucks.

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