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Magpul Picture Thread

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Long gun is long....

I must of been lucky, my T1 got shot, but it only cracked the glass slightly at the bottom edges.
Doesn't affect the optic at all =)
Racing Maniac you sure do have some lovely bits of kit!


I suppose since the addition of the CTR stock I can be part of this thread!



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My current Magpulized LMT M4 by ASG/KWA


It's getting rebuild in a couple of days, It's getting Noveske 14,5" (the same lenght as current barrel) white/silver barrel, Noveske 10" Free Float Handguard (NRH02), both by Madbull. I'll also add an AFG, some sort of stubby vertical grip, Ergo and Magpul rail covers, a PEQ15 box for my LiPo, Walther Tactical Pro Flashlight and front MBUS sight. I hope it would end up similar to this design I made :) Rainier Arms flash hider will stay, but there is no similar ones in pimpmygun :(



Any suggestions? :)

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Today I present to you one of the rare unicorn-like Magpul furnitured MP5 :) Just finished it, enjoy. Part list below the pics.






Part list:

Cyma CM041 (base gun, came with UMP-type stock and a handguard with rails pre-attached)

Cyma MP5 mid-cap mag

Cyma upper rail for optics

G&P Aimpoint "Military Type"

Element Magpul AFG1

Element Magpul CTR OD Stock

Element Ergo-type FG rail cover

Chinese clone of Rainier Arms Mini Compensator

Element Larue IndexClips in black

Element EX270BK GS Light Mount

Mactronic Black Eye MX123L Light

WELL MP5 Stock Adapter for M4-type stocks (very hard to find in my country)


As you can see, I tried to go as cheap as I could on this build, using almost only ACM clones of stuff to get it done :) Not black stuff I used, the stock and the rail covers came from spare parts that have been laying around. I intend to change/paint them black when I decide that I like playing with this build. Mactronic light is not bad, but it's from their "outdoor" series, and I haven't found a way to attach a pressure pad to it. Yet :P


The stock adapter. I found it in a local airsoft shop of some shaddy reputation and I bought their last one. It was NOT a drop-in piece, actually have to dremel it pretty extensively to make it fit. There are 2 plastic "rips" that create the problem. With a dremel however - it's a 3 minute job. I'll get pictures/tutorial uploaded if someone needs it.

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