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Magpul Picture Thread

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The RS ones were a limited run by Magpul and given to Magpul employees/people close to Magpul.  They're not allowed to sell them as the don't have the licenses.  Basically if you have one, you have some major bragging rights if that's your thing.  Or if you just want something pretty unique/rare/piece of firearms history e.t.c.  And the Prime ones are also pretty rare heh.

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oh lol, yea i saw that guys WE a while back on ggi. I meant to say that only prime makes china dolls and they really only deal with GBBRs nowadays




Kagami I swear that gun looks like three-way love child of the Terminator, an Alien, and a Predator 0_0.




lol why is that xD

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There are no AEG Chinadolls.  The only airsoft Chinadoll receivers made were by Prime for the WA system.

ah, i figured someone made PTW china dolls. but i had meant to say "airsoft" instead of "aeg", but i wasn't thinking.

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with the way prime is making PTW lowers at the moment, it's a possibility.


I would say they are available but probably like the WA's were at some point in time, for people that knew prime/g&p whatever. As you guys probably know its not like any retailer had SKUs on these so someone with connections probably decided to sell his at some point

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I wouldn't personally, I'd run a set of linked mags in the gun to start with, then put them in to a dump pouch and move on to singles.  For me 240 would be quite a lot to get through in most games anyway.


That said there are all sorts of setups one could potentially use.  A triple STANAG pouch would hold pairs like that.  For example:





Or if you got a short enough shingle that'd work, it'd need to be 3 PALS rows high but those aren't too uncommon.  I tried the pictured setup in a TACO just now and it'd probably be secure enough but there's 1 PALS row empt in the base of the pouch where the Link stops the magazine fully seating.


Again however another option would be to stagger the magazines, if the MagLink was attached right at the bottom of one of them you could presumably fully seat that mag in to a pouch that's 4 PALS rows tall (TACO, FirstSpear Speed Reload, ITW FastMag etc).  I probably wouldn't utilise that method myself since you have one mag sort of 'floating' as it were outside the pouch, but for CQB airsoft I see no reason why it couldn't function.


Definitely not recommended with GBBr mags though, the weight of 2 of those being held by the friction of just one pouch would not end well.

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I thought about getting those clamps for my TMags too but the price makes me think about it twice as I would only buy one to use them in those moments when you need to supress the OPFOR, but I think it woule be more efficient to just duct tape a couple of cyma 190rounders, not so fast to reload or cool looking, but I wouldnt have problems fitting them into regular M4 pouches

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