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Army R36 is a copy of WE G39 but it is copy of first generation G39s.

It has not reinforcement in the hammer, firepin-locker. The magazine tightened by two pin not with screw. The nozzle spring also weak as the G39 has. If you get double-feed then you nozzle and hopup chamber will damage.


t is cheap for parts and for basic gun if you want to upgrade it but this build quality and the inner quality is much worst.

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as promised, high quality pics of my fullsized G36 with long inner barrel!   It now shoots 470-500 fps. I had a max of even 517 fps and I shoot it in my attic while its wintertime in Belgium right n

I suggest you simply buy another mag, and salvage the part. Airsoft buddy sells replacement at ridiculous price     Airsoft Buddy, RA-Tech trigger complete set are $90+shipping fyi.

To start with, you need to go from this: To this: Use something to rotate this thing (I used the pliers end of a multi tool.) towards me in this picture is loosening. When you reassemble, make sur

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Bit of an update:


One mag spontaneously decided to leak after I filled it with gas, will probably just have to take it down, oil the valve and o-ring and it'll be back to normal.


A more worrying development is that when cocking the rifle whilst on FA, the trigger won't engage and drop the hammer, I have to switch to Semi or Safe and back again for it to engage. I've noticed that the trigger goes marginally a bit farther forward when cocking on FA than on Semi. Anyone else experience this?

We have that problem too, started happening during a function test and now full auto only works intermittently. Can't find a fix online for the life of me

I know its a couple years late, but if anyone else comes up with this issue, check your trigger bar up front where it goes vertical and points up. when on FA, that is where the bolt carrier hits, pushes forward, and disengages the FA sear from the hammer. If this is bent forward slightly, when the carrier slams home it does not disengage the sear. Most likely you will need to replace it, as bending it back to 90 degrees will significantly weaken it...ask me how I know!


Anyways, I recently acquired one of these...definitely a solid gun and seems like it will be fun in games. First thing I did,though, was replaced the trigger, hammer, and sear with angel custom parts. I don't know what the previous owner did with the gun, but the stock stuff was worn to the point that the gun would fire on pulling the trigger AND releasing it. Aside from that, and the bent trigger bar, there is also a bit of slop in the selector so I just ordered new gears and the selector itself. At least OE replacement parts are pretty dang cheap! Aside from what I've replaced, the gun came with an angel custom charging handle and a tbb. I also modified the bolt release system to work as a bolt catch like the real steal, alol wing the bolt to be held open. There is no longer a bolt release function, the bolt gets released by charging the handle on a loaded mag or no mag.








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Didn't by any chance see my bolt catch mod on YouTube did ya? Looks like you routed it the other way than when I did it.


(after looking at your posted youtube channel) actually yes, I did see your video. I decided to route it under and around since there is a much bigger area for the paperclip (or whatever you want to use) to contact, and it should give a stronger contact being a direct pressure on the catch. How is yours holding up? 

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Yep. Totally compatible. The ridges around the magazine lock into the recesses on the Stratagem perfectly.


Just watch how you go because I've had a couple of mags fly out when jumping/diving through windows. And they were mounted right side up too. Elastic retention cord would be advisable.

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