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dispute over mp5k

HC Airsoft

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Paid for this item a week ago via paypal, the tracking number he sent me still doesn't work. I have not gotten anything in the mail, and it's well past the amount of time it should have taken to get here.


he sent me a picture of a receipt, but the tracking number shown on it does not register on USPS's website. He said sometimes it takes longer for their website to update than it does for the item to arrive, but in my experience tracking numbers work the same day, sometimes even as soon as the shipper notifies USPS that the item is shipping out.


I'd really just like a refund at this point.

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Item was shipped, fully insured, and this nonesense has gone on for to long, Paypal will decided who is in the fault, considering I have tons of evidence supporting me.


I have the receipt that states the USPS insured tracking ID. Insured IDs do not show up with the online interface. When you decided to throw a claim at me I had not heard from you in 3 days. Even though I have sent many messages to you. I still to this day have not heard from you, now going on 8 days. IF that does not sound odd to you what does. Why would someone thats "missing" an item avoid the seller at all costs? I know youve read my messages, I see you online everyday.


I had the clerk go in and physically check on the status, I have documents stating it was delivered to you on the 28th of October.

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Well, the day has finally come. Paypal decided it in his factor no surprise really, I rarely hear of the seller winning. I had everything I needed, I guess it was not enough for there computer or whatever it is to decide it in my favor, I am now out both the product and the money. Losing ~$300 hurts me both physically and financially in these times and quite honestly am glad I have no more selling of large replicas anymore, I have never run into thie situation in my life. What can you do though, I have opened up a appeal but expect nothing of it.


I have not been able to get ahold of this person of lower class for now 15 days. So in the end I hope he is happy with the MP5k and the money he used. Karma is a *badgeress* and I hope he gets it good. I do not like thieves and while I do not wish harm on most people they will get whats coming to them. (I hope its good too)


So words of wisdom, do whatever you can when shipping expensive replicas whether it be $100 or $1000(which I have done). To win a claim I guess you need a witness, CCTV cut of you shipping it, insuance, DC, and luck that you will not get bit. I now know why so many local shops have stopped shipping orders because it does hurt to get stung.


Have a good one. If I am in some way able to get my money I will keep you updated.


Here are a few scans of mine as I have nothing to hide.



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Contact the police in his town and tell them this guy committed fraud. If paypal deducts from a credit card or bank contact them as well and tell them. Make a case in small claims court, although I'm not sure you can do it locally you might need to go to where ever you shipped it. You can also contat the FBI *if* you shipped across state lines it becomes a federal case, and seeing as how you used USPS it's under federal jurisdiction, meaning big jail time. Lastly get a lawyer, although that'd probably be more than it's worth. You also can go to the post office and say the recipient claims he never received it, and the will launch an investigation and may pay out insurance, or at least give you another line of evidence that this guy is scamming you.


The guy is in the wrong, you have evidence, you can get your money back it'll just take time and effort.

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Thanks frogfish, I am currently going through a claim with USPS. We will see if I can get my money back.


I have received the answer to my appeal and they have still decided to side with him. I sent a couple long emails to Paypal, in hopes I could get a clearer understanding of why they will not help me. I finally got an email from them quoting a subsection of the seller protection policy


"The ability to provide proof-of-delivery which can be tracked online is

an express condition of the Seller Protection Policy."


After they quoted me this they basically told me they will not even look all my evidence because I did not have an online tracking code. A word to all, if you ship an item with paypal, get a tracking number that can be used online! If you do not the buyer can defraud you all they want and PayPal will side with them 100% of the time. I have called them stating I now know how to defraud people and they need to change this policy because I can see certain people taking full advantage of this.(Like I was here)


The following I am posting due to my own detective work through the net, Take it as you will, it is just a real coincidence with the dates.....


I still have no word from him. I decided to to Google him to see if I could find anything and I ran across his Facebook. He decided to leave it unlocked so I gain access to his pictures. If you look closely at his FB posting date of the pic I'll attach you will notice it says OCT. 28th, if you download Scan 2 from my previous post you will notice the delivery was on OCT.28. He even title the pic "New subdued urban Loadout!" Which is funny. He must of ran home got dressed and took a pic with his "NEW" gun.


He didn't just post this to his FB account, I tracked him all the way to his Forum he frequents called phillyairsoft.com. I found his Screen name there(wasn't hard) and started to dig into his recent posts. The same day (OCT.28th) he posted the same picture of this "New urban Loadout" With his new MP5k.


I find it odd he wont reply to this thread...


Thanks all for reading, will keep you updated.


MODS: Is there anyway the title of this thread can be changed to something else?



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im sorry about your loss

i had a similar thing happening to me some time ago

in most cases the police won't bother to help you

my advice would be find out where he plays airsoft and confront him in front of his entire team and take your gun back

airsofter have strong opinions about thieves so most likely they won't allow him back on that field

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As that would constitute theft with multiple witnesses present, that is a very poor idea.


Digger68: Unfortunately at this stage you have no option really but to approach the authorities. Paypal as you acknowledge offer notoriously poor protection for sellers, and will typically side with buyers in order to maintain the premise of security to the vast majority of their user base, who are casual consumers.


While the tracking evidence may serve as evidence of the package being received, there is sadly no evidence unless you have the buyer's signature that he actually received it. Secondly, the images, while they may appear damning, would be considered circumstantial at best by authorities - there is no clear markings etc which make the MP5K distinctive as being the one you sold to him. I am not attempting to defend or take sides in the matter, but rather present to you the more objective view that a third party will take in the matter.


That said, I still advise you to go to the authorities with this case, as they really are, at this point, your own possible option.


I will leave this thread open to further response from the two affected parties, but I would be grateful if uninvolved third parties heed the numerous requests made in this section before and avoid making ill-informed and highly subjective responses which, in some cases, would land one or both parties in serious trouble.

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As an update, HC Airsoft contacted a staff member today claiming to be unable to view this section and so could not respond to the thread.


This has been checked and we have found that he still has full access.


On this basis it appears the member is either unable or unwilling to resolve this matter amicably and so the matter appears only possible to be resolved through legal action.


HC Airsoft has also been banned.

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Sorry for the very late response and bringing this back from the dead Marlowe. This thread can be locked if you would like. This whole ordeal is pretty much done, with me being out $100. Fought with USPS to get my money but they would not budge since it showed up as Delivered. Regardless of what I showed them whether it be the paypal claim or my emails. As with Paypal you know the story about that. Legal action to me is not worth it as well considering the monetary amount.


Thanks for all the help though!

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Interesting story and something i think every seller has come across one way or another. I sold a PWS front end to a guy on here, sent first class recorded but forgot to send him the tracking code by accident. He took this as an opportunity to make out he didn't recieve it however when I checked the code online it had been recieved and even signed with his name!!


Showed him this and didn't hear anything back...From his manner and grasp of grammer I guessed he was just some kid trying it on. From now on recorded and gifted paypal or bank transfer.


For the guy to post of pic of him with the gun on Facebook is just wrong

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