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Was contacted about a couple weeks ago to make a VSS, which I happily accepted as I needed the monies to finish my SKS! While I have made AK to VSS conversions before, this one is to be scratch built to look as close to the real thing as I could make it however limited by the budget and customer specifications. It's to use a V3 gearbox, take AK mags (will make one custom VSS-looking mag) and constructed mostly of PVC. Because of this, I had to tweak the dimensions a bit and some parts made fatter to compensate for material integrity. The optics is still under deliberation, but it's leaning towards making a copy of a pso-1 but stuffing a cheap red dot in it. The customer likes the looks of a pso-1, but doesn't like using magnified optics and the price of a real one.


So far...

layout. Had to stretch the receiver and stock height by about 20% and the rear of the receiver sticks farther back into the stock by about 10%. The suppressor will be thicker because of the size of pipe available (closest is 40mm OD while the real one as I've calculated is 37mm). Not bang on, but a whole lot smaller than if I had butchered an AK.








gas block and tube



mocked up with suppressor and stock template



Going smoothly so far, except for the battery. Was handed a small lipo to fit in the suppressor, but it turns out needing an even smaller one. If all goes well, I should be finished with this (minus the scope) in the next couple weeks.

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Thanks guys! :)



While I have seen several other VSS's wired to the stock, I'm not comfortable with putting the lipo there. Only the rear most part can hold space and if I made a compartment out of it, half the battery would be in the rubber pad area unless I enlarge the wood part. As it is, putting the battery up the front isn't too much a problem.


Now for updates:


QD lugs and outer barrel. The outer barrel will be removable for the ease of threading the wires through a channel on top during assembly. The rotary lugs (3) are enlarged to make the plastic take the strain better (real one has many small metal lugs). On the bottom lug, a push button will be installed to lock the suppressor in by blocking it from rotating.




*the white plastic is still PVC, just a different type as its the only one I could get in that small a diameter


Handguard, from cut, glue then shaped. Front face not done yet.






Sad how all the hard work into the detailing just gets covered up in the end <_< .


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Was just thinking of flat black for most of the parts and plum for the handguard and magazine. It'll make it look new; not real great on weathered paintjobs myself.



No room there unfortunately. Just about 8mm clearance, only enough for the recoil spring and guide for the dummy bolt. Will have to make the top cover from scratch as its very different from an AK one. Still thinking if I should make it out of PVC, sheet metal or a combination of both; not sure if I could pound those ribs out by hand.

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I make do with what I have, just fortunate am not bothered much by plastic. On occasion I browse around for a milling machine but even used old ones around here cost upward of $2,000. There are cheap mill/lathe/press deals on the net under $1000, but including shipping and the tax when it comes in would bump it 3x. Just to give you an idea how much a metal one would cost to make, there's that Russian replica and retails $1,500 ($1,800 with the optic).

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No room there unfortunately. Just about 8mm clearance, only enough for the recoil spring and guide for the dummy bolt...

You could always do without a moving bolt. wink.gif Would it matter?


Slightly off-topic.

I never really thought about it before, but I'm amazed how short the barrel is on the real one blink.gif

Just had a quick read on WorldGunsRU, I also didn't know it was 9mm, effective range 'only' 300-400m, talk about an Urban Sniper Rifle tongue.gif






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OH MY GOD! That is EXACTLY what I wanted to do.


I'm just curious though about the rear stock, are you doing that yourself? I kind of looks like it. What are the dimensions of it? and where did you get the dimensions for it? I've looked near and far and for some reason can't seem to find the actual furniture or dimensions for it (and I don't want to cheat by using a Dragunov stock).


As for the mag, I had seen a webpage somewhere where someone took, IIRC a midcap, gutted it, cut it and put it all back together. Otherwise TM does make an AK Beta "short mag" but only problem is that it's a hi-cap.

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Just had a quick read on WorldGunsRU, I also didn't know it was 9mm., effective range 'only' 300-400m, talk about an Urban Sniper Rifle


Remember that its not 9mm para(9x19), rather its a much larger rifle round (9x39). Pretty impressive performance for a silent gun.

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I suppose you could make the receiver out of 1~2mm thick steel sheet. But that involves a lot of work in doing the detailed parts like the mag well and mag catch, work that will undoubtedly raise the cost and I'm not prepared to do welding on my own so sourcing it out to a machine shop would cost even more. I'm making the top cover and bolt out of sheet metal however, with the ribs and charging handle out of attached pieces of PVC.


Regarding the mag, I've seen good looking mods using 5.45x39 mags, cutting them and gluing the ribs in place. I may just do that, but with the internal mechanism of something smaller (or a midcap) as the ak hicap bits would be just about the length of a 20 rounder mag, giving you some 30 rounds of space left.


You could always do without a moving bolt. wink.gif Would it matter?

Well, that's 8mm high and with the top part of the cover being rounded, that leaves only maybe 10mm wide at the base. Just too small a space to fit anything but a rod and spring. On that Russian-made VSS however, they've moved the entire gearbox up, eating up what's left of the space ontop and making for a correct sized receiver. While this puts the gearbox out of line from the bore, what they did is slightly tilt the gearbox forward so the end of the barrel meets up with the end of the suppressor just the same. Only downside is you look like you're shooting over a guys head all the time, unless you aim for his feet.


rear stock

Will be making it from plywood. Couldn't find plans for a VSS myself as otherwise I would have used it. Measurements are taken from the best flat pic you could find (as otherwise you'd need to correct for curvature) and go to town with a ruler and calculator.

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More work done, though not much. Cut my thumb with a chisel; a reminder to keep tools sharp as dull ones are more likely to slip and cause accidents!

Got most of the trigger guard detail done, just have to drill a hole on the side for the mag release lever.



And made the lock button for the suppressor. Wasn't sure how the handguard is held on the real one so I made the button itself as its locking piece. So its push button, twist suppressor and pull out; push the button some more and the handguard is clear to move forward.



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... The cut is for the sling swivel which will be mounted unto the gas block.

This is an Epic build RC, no question, but no need to get too grand with the text tongue.gif



Superb detailing, it really shows the thought you're putting into it.




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