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Good Traders/Sellers (UK)


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Just like to say thanks to Bazza on completion of my purchase of his SV Infinity, he obviously takes care of his stuff and kept me upto date with the state of the transaction. I wouldn't hesitate in dealing with him in future. :D



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Sorry lionel... :P


Lionel - excellent seller. Great price, well shipped, good description. One item was faulty through no fault of his own and he's curently trying to source a replacement free of charge.


Top fellow!

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Joker33 - Good Seller. Was willing to hold on to the Biohazard while i got the funds together, but didn't need to as i forgot about some moeny i was owed. He even threw in some BBs and a can of gas


The Royal mail on the other hand.....


Makes me wonder how they still operate

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Recently dealt with :


HavocMan, Lionel, Skeeter and Stumpy - All a pleasure to deal with on one end of a deal or another.




PS If I dealt with you (or I dealt with anyone you're dealing with) recently and you're not mentioned, that's not a sleight - Everyone's been a pleasure to deal with recently.

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