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Good Traders/Sellers (UK)


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I can now recommend HaVoC_MaN as and excellent seller as well as a very good buyer. He bought 4 G&P mid-caps off me a while ago and payment was sent straight away, he remained very responsive throughout the deal.

Also I recently bought a BLOK V2 helmet and a set of dog tags off him which were sent immediately after he received payment from myself.

On the whole an A+++++ buyer/seller, cheers mate ;)


Also para-trooper, who bought 1 G&P mid-cap off me, this was quite possibly the easiest deal I have ever completed with someone. He already had the mag since I left it at AG, he then contacted me asking if he could buy it an as soon as I agreed sent the money via PayPal, no problems at all. Comes highly recommended.


Same can be said for rizzo, who had a 600mAh battery I left at AG and also sent the money immediately. I'd recommend him as a buyer even if he is a leet hack using fayget :P Cheers riz ;)

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azrael is a must... the authentic azrael that is... sent me the full metal, auto firing desert eagle in mint condition... as it was stated... even posted me a hogue grip too! lol but that was a mistake... will post that back to you mate :) he kept me informed in everything from the beginning. good stuff.


genuinely nice guy, anything he's selling that you guys want... go get it...

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Kontar, fantastic trader.


Quick turn around on messages, he kept me well informed all the way through the transaction


Prompt postage, arrived a day ealier than expected


Arived in beutiful condition


Just need to test fire it and my loverly new G36e can join the rest of my happy G36 family :D


Cheers bud,


The Slackstar


Ps Just a shame he's leaving the hobby, I'd Trade with him again (I believe he has a mask and a pair of gloves left)

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Marlowe - top quality buyer :)


Sent money very promptly indeed, was very polite and friendly to deal with, and was very patient and understanding when Royal Mail decided to deliver the thing late... :rolleyes:


Anyway, I'd most definately deal with him again!

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Sorry, this is delayed by a day as things've been a bit hectic, but...


Havoc_Man: bought my first gas gun over the forums from him. Top quality seller, product arrived perfectly as described, and Havoc was a generally nice chap to give my hard-earned cash to.


Haven't installed the magbolt (arrived today without any customs charges - woo!) yet, or got the propane adapter, so I've not had a chance to fire it, but I'm sure it'll work perfectly given how good the rest of the trade has gone. So in general, havoc's the guy to buy gear from! ^_^

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And to reciprocate the above...


HaVoC_MaN is a great seller, friendly comms and nice fast delivery. Item in superb condition as promised. No probs at all


Top guy, highly recommended :)





Only a smallish sale, but he was a superb buyer. Very friendly, very prompt payment, and let me know as soon as it arrived.


Would most definately deal with again! :D

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