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ACM Surefire X400 Weaponlight Clone

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Okay folks a quick review of the ACM Surefire X400 clone.


I purchased it from RSOV for $110,here, delivery was delayed due to the lack of stock of some other products i ordered but TNT were great seeing as i missed delivery on Friday and was woken up on Saturday morning to receive it. It comes in a misty white, unmarked box, the light is surrounded by a decent thickness foam sheet. Upon taking it out of the box it feels absolutely solid, no loose bits falling off! As the picture on RSOV was blurred i wasn't sure whether this was due to them stealing the pics directly from Surefires website or just to show that the clone wouldn't come with trades, but voila, here we have a fully trademarked clone! The trades are nice and crisp, they appear to be laser etched on.






It has a nice solid weight to it, and comes with the appropriate parts to attach it to either a pistol of standard RIS rail, it's a 30 second job to switch it between weapons. I've mounted it on my Sig 226 for size comparisons, with a mag in the 226 is now evenly weighted rather than being rear heavy, and you can feel its got a nice weight to the front. Eventually it will go on my Masada.




Next, onto functions, there X400 has 5 'modes' controllable by a rear switch, mode 1 is torch only, mode 2 torch in strobing mode, mode 3 is torch and laser, mode 4 laser only and mode 5 is off. Pretty simple really. As its my first proper weaponlight i like the fact that flicking the rocker switch one way will keep it on constantly, whereas flicking it the other way will only keep it on until you remove the pressure.


On top, the rocker switch, and below, the mode control.


The laser is also fully adjustable, and zeroes easily.



Put up against my Fenix TA21 and trying to find the matching power level i would say, non-scientifically of course, that you are looking towards around 110 lumens of light, however it is not a throwing torch, more a flood torch and hence performance will drop off significantly at longer distances.


I'm happy with it so far, and will be putting it through its paces next weekend for a bit of CQB. It feels like a solid piece of kit so hopefully it'll last the distance.


If theres anything i've missed or you want to know just ask. :)

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The laser is perfectly adjustable,i have managed to successfully zero it to all 3 of my rifles, and my pistol.

AFAIK it can be taken apart, but i'm not willing to do it with a £90+ weapon light until something breaks. I have already changed the batteries and as a result one of the battery terminals has a tiny pin that completes the circuit, this broke on mine but was easily substituted with a piece of coke can. I cannot remove the bezel/bulb unit by hand, it is tightened too much however it looks like it is possible as there is an o-ring there.

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It could be, that as you've changed batteries you've broken a tiny, incy-wincy little pin on one of the battery terminals. I did the same the first time i changed batteries, as the terminals inside the light (not on the lid) are recessed and hence would otherwise contact the -ve battery terminal. I lob a bit of coke can in there as thats all i had on site that day.


I originally only used mine on an AEG so it sounds stupid, but it could be that its the recoil of a GBB has broken the tiny pin.


And also, the light on an M9



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got mine today...the bezel came off pretty easily, but found lots of glue residues inside on the threads...2 typos on left side-"avoid exposur" and "emtted". Other side they spelled exposure correctly. Just to be cautious, before I loaded the batteries, I looked inside the unit but didn't really see any "tiny pin" that could possibly be of fragile nature. Just 2 coiled spring contacts as you would see in any flashlights.?? Swatman..can you point out this "pin" more precisely for us? (photo?) One thing that worries me a bit is the raised plastic part on the lid where the catch hooks onto to keep the lid closed might wear out in time in which case how possible is it to get a replacement? Can't really call SF and ask if their lid would work on a replica can we? Anyway I give it 7.5 out of 10. $100 for this was a bit steep...more like $70-75 would have been better...

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Yes, its true...they misspelled it!!

Did anyone disassemble the light so far? or has a plan how to do so? I need to take the laser unit out and put it back straight ´cause there is just NO possible way to adjust it to the middle and as you have correctly pointed out. for 100$ it should work perfectly!!!

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Got mine yesterday, too..and yeah great replica for the money.

The only thing that isn´t so nice, is that the main rocker switch

is a bit sensible and tend to stay "on" when released to the "off" position,

the switch then needs a small tad into the other direction

to dissable the light/laser :huh:


...no big issue, I think I can easily fix it but still a bit anoying


However, other than that I´m very pleased with it :D





...ok, it´s no weaponlight for a long gun since there´s no

cableswitch option but it still looks very nice..



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