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Found this site in a random google search....http://www.military1st.co.uk/


Have used them a few times now and have to say I cannot recommend them highly enough.


They have an excellent stock and selection of clothing, combat gear, vests, pouches etc..pretty much all stuff to suit all budgets, from the more basic end stuff upwards. Plenty of multicam and other stuff that I've struggled to find elsewhere. To be honest even the cheaper end the quality is amazing, I now have 2 of their £40 molle vests and they are awesome.

Prices are very competitive and everything is £3.99 delivery per order no matter how much.

Just ordered a ton of new stuff and I reckon via parcelfarce it would have cost at least a tenner to ship. Everytime I have ordered I have had stuff packed, shipped and in my hands the following day.

Had a minor website problem with my last order and managed to duplicate it, dropped a quick email and I had a refund for the extra payment done there and then.

To be honest can't really ask for much more.

I wouldnt order any gear from anywhere else now.


Give em a go.












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I can also recommend them, I bought a set of Desert BDU's from them but they was faulty, within 2 days they had refunded my payment along with the postage withouut any problems at all. I also asked them how I was to get the items back to them and they told me just to keep them because they cost to much to send back. 1st time I never had a problem when something was wrong with an item.

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