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TM UZI with full-metal Zeke Body kit


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Hey folks! I have for sale a very rare and pretty darn awesome full-metal TM UZI with Zeke Body Kit and some equally rare extras... Some of you may have seen this Instalation Guide which I wrote on here a few years back: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/reviewpost/showproduct.php/product/463/title/zeke-metal-body-kit-for-tm-uzi/cat/55


Moving house has forced me to part with this badboy.


For Sale:


1 x TM UZI with Zeke full-metal body kit.

1 x OK Parts UZI Suppressor.

1 x Mosquito Molds UZI RAS System.

1 x UZI Wooden Stock (unknown manufactuer).

1 x TM UZI Hi-cap magazine.


Condition: Internals and Zeke body are practically brand new; this is display/collector’s piece for me so used only for showing off. Stock is near mint too which is excellent considering its age. RAS is a bit battered and has been used at skirmish sites.


FPS: 255-260 with .20g (UZI’s are usually quite low.)


Splits: No, this is being sold as a complete package.

Swaps: The only thing I currently dream about owning is an Aries Tavor TAR-21... ;)


Price: £400 inc P&P (it's heavy) but I am open to offers, especially if you can collect.


Payment: Via Paypal only please, so we're both protected.


Additional Info:

This is a labor of love of mine and it’s really aimed at a collector or someone who appreciates how rare and hard to find some of these parts are. It certainly turns heads in the safe zone but I think it’s rarity overshadows its usefulness on the skirmish field.


Over 18’s only with usual VCRB credentials please!


I will answer any questions you have so feel free to PM!




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The link goes to another page on Arnies Airsoft's archive section so I'm not sure why you can't see it.


The only way I could show it here is by copying the entire post and pasting it in this thread which will be pretty ugly.


I will try and get the photos from it if that helps.




Photos taken from my Installation Guide:

th_46904_BoxA_122_158lo.jpgth_46905_Finished_122_214lo.jpgth_46908_ZekeBarrel_122_958lo.jpgth_46910_ZekeStock_122_401lo.jpg th_46912_ZekeWhole_122_113lo.jpg

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Hey all.


The Suppressor has been sold by the looks of things so the remainder of the items (UZI, RAS & Stock) I will let go for £350 via Paypal. This also covers the £20 P&P it will cost. If you can collect then I'll knock that off too.



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Hey folks.


This wonderful piece of kit is still available. I am looking for £200 plus £10 for P&P.



I understand not many folks have spare cash these days so if you have something nice that you'd consider swapping then let me know! I'll entertains most sensible offers!


Thanks for looking. :)

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