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Warn status removed over time

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I don't use Arnies as much as I once did, but it was my understanding that a user's warn status faded/was removed over time. Mine as of right now is 2 years old. I believed it was an automated system, but if it does require a Moderator to remove a warn status I can see how it would be over looked.


I'm just wondering what I need to do to bring it back down to 0.

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There is no automated system, but we generally reduce warning levels if we notice that a user has some old warning points logged with no recent ones, or if he/she has been making helpful posts.


Bribes and sexual favors are also taken into consideration.

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This seems like the appropriate thread to ask; How long does this here warn status last for? I'm not arguing the reasons i got it for, i'm just a little concerned it might influence people on my sales threads; I'm unable to accept paypal (paypal royall screwed up my attempt to open an account and now my bank account is linked to a non-useable paypal account), which some people have been sceptical of in the past - I'm just slightly worried people might think 'Hmm, doesn't accept paypal... AND A WARN STATUS!?'. Think it's been there since around the 23rd of December. I had a week's suspension for my crime, which kinda seemed like enough punishment... But yeah, ideally just wondering how long it'll take before it goes?





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err, your warn status only shows up to you (and mods), no one else.


no one knew you had warn points, except now, so you have gone and ruined your reputation by your own foolishness and told eeevvvveryyyone. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


erm, cough, sorry about that...


dont sweat it :)

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As shmook explained, no one can see your warn status. Generally warns are removed after 6 months, providing you don't gain any more warn points or it's a repeated infraction.


Also, warns are the equivalent of speeding tickets, so even if you mention that you have some, it shouldn't affect your sales, as that is not their intention - we have the 'Unreliable Seller' tag for that. :)

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