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UK Spec KWA KMP9 Pictures

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Hi Guys,

I bring to you a few pictures of my new KWA KMP9. I was going to type out a full review of it, but Walt's review post rings true with this, so unless you want to ask questions, this will just be picture based. I'll be skirmishing with this on sunday hopefully, so I can give you a more in depth shooting review then. I wasn't even aware that ASG were handling the UK KWA models, so full trademarks, painted or not, were a big surprise to me!



Here is the box for the ASG re branded KWA KMP9



Remarks on the bottom left corner of the box



Opened box. You'll notice the trademarks on the rear of the receiver, and also 9mmX19 markings on the bolt cover



Left side



Right side



Trademarks on right side of the gun, notice the ASG branding. The trademarks seem to be painted on, I may look into getting the words properly engraved, obviously having to leave the B&T logo painted (Unless I could find an engraver willing to do company logos :) )



Front end



`Rear sight, showing bolt cover and cocking handle



'Under the hood'

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Stock folded, with Eotech installed



Stock open, Eotech installed.



MP9 with 3 extra mags, came to £329.99 (Excluding Eotech)



So there we have it, now you know what to expect if you buy one of these from a UK airsoft store! If you want any more pictures, feel free to ask.

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I have shot ollie_ty's gun. It is VERY impressive, aswell as the loudest gunn i have ever heard.


Hopefully we can see a full review soon ;)


Great photos buddy



/resume lurking

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I've not chrono'd it yet. I bought a can of Ultra Gas, but its WAY too powerful, definitely over 350 ( Coke can penetration) I have 2 cans of 134a on the way though, so I'll be able to chrono it for you on sunday properly when I go try it out.


I will say though, I can tell this is going to be an intimidating CQB weapon ( If I can get the FPS down!) Especially in the site I play at, F&O at Drakelow Tunnels. Its an INCREDIBLY loud weapon, theres no doubt about that. Firing it in my bedroom left me with ringing ears.

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The KWA tech guys said it wouldnt cycle properly on 134.


Does this have the NPAS in it yet? - I know AA were working on bringing the power down, but dont know how far they'd got..

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No It doesnt have the NPAS. I HAVE fired it on 134a and it was fine in semi, And seeing as the tunnels are semi Only, THat'll be the gas for me I think, until I can get it to run sub 350fps on green.


These NPAS systems, are they a universal item, or are they model specific?

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Should be universal, the NPAS designed for the MP7 is compatible with all other s7 (and NS2) handguns. If it's still available the NPAS on its own can be had for $15 from ratech's website.

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TBH, I wouldnt want to take apart the gun unless I had to, and the ASG manual is pretty bare of any useful information, but...


THIS link should take you to the KWA KMP9 parts diagram download page! :)

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Thank you, I got the PDF version of it.



*edit* in the opening post you mention another review, I had a bit of trouble finding it so if you don't mind I'm going to link it here.


I have had a look at it here and there are significant differences in all the major component groups.


The highlights are in the picture below and without getting my hands on one of these (which from the looks of this diagram I will definitely be doing) I can say that KWA have either solved most of the issues with the old KSC TMP or at the very least made a lot of steps in the right direction.


The issues with the KSC TMP (dating back from the original V1) were mostly due to the piston lid.

It was shaped like an 0 on its side and the flat spots would get caught on the sides of the loading nozzle as they went back into the nozzle and get torn.


Green gas would cause that to happen much quicker, it would also make the bolt hammer into the back of the receiver and break it.


B seems to show an extension of the cage that holds the working parts up to arrest the recoil. This should be significantly stronger than the foam rubber block I used on customer guns and that KSC added to the V1 MP9.

It is worth noting that I suggested exactly that modification in an e-mail I sent to KSC and KWA 3 years ago with an attached photo of 9 broken receivers.


On the introduction of the Hard Kick version of the TMP KSC moved from a plastic rocket type valve to a hollow tube-type reciprocating valve that caused massive problems. It would slam into the pin that retained it and splay out, as it splayed out it would grip the inside surface of the loading nozzle and get stuck, rendering the gun inop.


C shows that KWA have returned to the (in my opinion far superior) V1 type rocket valve and have (finally) introduced a round piston lid. Those three modifications alone would cut out 99% of the failures I have seen and experienced.


It is worth noting that the round piston lid will have a lower cross sectional area than the old "0 on its side" type and that will result in lower blowback force.


D shows that the piston is either the KSC hard kick one or it has been only very slightly modified. That type of piston is a lot weaker than the old V1 version. I have only seen one fail (it was mine though, Grrr).



Finally, notice that A shows that major alterations have been made to the valve knocker assembly, they look a lot beefier than the TMP but I suppose that only time will tell.




I will get one of these soon and do a more in-depth analysis including trying to work out what modifications need to be done to the V1 and HK type mags to make them work with the KMP9.


Good pictures buddy.



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Its really interesting to see the differences between the two versions, thanks for sharing!


And DEFINITELY get one of these, I know youll already appreciate how much fun a TMP/MP9 setup is :D

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I used this most of Sunday at the mall have to say it was most awesome.


I bought it from Andy over at Viking airsoft for the lowest price I have found of £180, received it a couple of weeks ago and found it to feel and sound most awesome. I found it very comfortable to use with a pretty balanced hop unit when used with 0.25's.


Chrono wise it did:


300 - 305 on 0.2's on 134A (several shots all within that range).


339, 348 and 345 on Abbey predator ultra


And a beautiful 391, 382 and 388 on Green.


I used 134A and .25's all day and as long as it was siliconed up it performed perfectly.


Will post a couple of pictures that will pale in comparison to Ollie_ty's in a day or so of my slightly tacticooled up MP9

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This is the setup I've settled with until my DOcter sight comes, then I'll re-evaluate. The only problem Im having is the mount on this ACM M6 is a little too beefy and it wont let the stock fold. I tried dremelling it a little, but it still wouldnt fit. I wouldnt dare dremeling the stock of the gun to be honest, so I'm just going to leave it how it is, I never use the gun with the stock folded to the side, its only like that when its tucked into my rucksack where the locking feature isn't important anyway.


Faramon, I think you should keep a keen eye on THIS thread, seems very useful for running our guns on green gas, which I'd much rather do, especially as im going to be getting some GBBRs soon aswell.

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Yup I noticed that, definitely keen on fitting one myself! :D


not only is green cheaper (/propane) it seems to simply be easier to get hold of!


Thanks though.

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Mine arrived today.


It is - simply - awesome.


I will do some comparison photographs of it alongside the V1 at the weekend, Monday the latest.

I will also add notes where necessary about the more subtle differences between the V1 and the HK.



Here are my initial impressions though:



Very good, similar design to the HK which was pretty good but now includes a détente for locking the follower in the down position.



Good, the plastic is the same as the older ones and is very sturdy. The stock is a tiny bit flimsy but it seems to be an accurate copy of the B+T design so it is hardly KWA's fault.

The other external additions to the MP9 design over the V1/HK design are the rails and the new sights.

The sights on the old TMP were rubbish which meant you had to use the aftermarket weaver rail addition. Costly.

New sights are very good and the built in top rail is a welcome addition. Side rail is good and is removable, i found that an M3 light fits without a drama, as above the M6 is more of a problem.



A revelation, the entire thing has been re-designed. The select fire parts and the valve knocker have been completely changed and for the better, it is simplified and looks a lot stronger.

The old trigger sear was particularly weak and its return spring was a joke. It was a compression spring in a hole. The new one is a tension spring and much stronger.

The metal reinforcement to counter the recoil also incorporates a rubber recoil buffer.

Even the pin that holds the trigger mechanism housing into the lower receiver has been improved.

I am really impressed. The only problem with the lower receiver is the bolt catch which (although improved) still involves a pressed steel bolt catch picking up a notch in the ally bolt.

Even on my low mileage example the bolt catch notch is starting to wear down.


The bolt assembly contains more good news in the form of the NS2/System 7 nozzle and piston lid.

Fantastic, it was good in their pistols but in the SMGs with their higher gas capacity it is brilliant. The RA-tech NPAS nozzle should fit and I will be trying it. Without it the power and ROF is up there with the GBBRs but in a much smaller package.


The changes to the parts also make the takedown of the bolt assembly a bit easier, more on that over the weekend.



The folding stock makes shooting much more accurate, in the day I spent a fortune on the SFL stock for the TMP and it was worth it. Now that added value comes with the weapon system.

The sights are a thousand times better, I'll be using an optic but they are a good backup.

The safety is odd, on the old one it was all the way through in one direction for single, the other direction for auto and the middle for safe.

This has a trigger safety but it seems the middle position does nothing. Mine might be broken but I'll have a look at the mechanism and see if it is meant to be like that.





Brilliant. If I get my NPAS by Wednesday I'll skirmish it and report back but I'll definitely take some comparison photos and do a take down guide on the weekend.

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