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UK Spec KWA KMP9 Pictures

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My MP9 has mysteriously failed on me.


It no longer loads BB's into the chamber after firing.

I might get 1 or 2 shots out of it before it starts dry firing even though there is BB's in the mag.


Lubed everything, nozzle looks perfectly fine.

I can shoot it like a bolt action fine however. (pull charging handle and a BB will load)


Cant figure this out.


EDIT: Annnnnnnnnnnnd Im a muppet, kinda helps when you use a fresh propane can to fill the mag with.

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Stock folded, with Eotech installed   Stock open, Eotech installed.   MP9 with 3 extra mags, came to £329.99 (Excluding Eotech)     So there we have it, now you know what to expect if you b

I agree. Take the bolt off, and carefully check the axle on the hammer.Good shout vilerk.

How kind of you to point that out to someone with a level 10/10 OCD   You are right.   And here I was thinking the only thing "wrong" was that it needed to be rotated 0.25 degrees to the right...

ive heard such issues like that before, sometimes it happens to me too. Are you sure that you have unlocked the spring in the magazine? you cant fully load the mag..


on a side note, http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=searchItem&item=DY-ACC-MP9ACC01&search=special&rs=mp9&catid=&cat= i noticed that recently. anyone know if its any good?

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The KSC S7 Mags are exactly the same as the KWA NS2 mags.


Be aware though, the earlier type of KSC MP9 is NOT compatible.





This is a S7/NS2 magazine, the bb follower is manipulated from the front.





This is an older style KSC MP9 magazine, the BB Follower is manipulated from the side.

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Youre a monster! how does it attatch?



Hey guys, time for another MP9 Project! Now that my Valves are established...

Would you guys be interested in threaded outer barrels?


I am thinking Barrel and Thread Protector, anodized in a semi-gloss black, for around 35-40 dollars.


What do you guys think?


**Those aren't amps**

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How much extra inner barrel can those accomodate?

If you can find them, KWA gbb spec barrels will poke through for an extended barrel.


KWA GBB barrels are about 8.2-8.25mm OD vs AEG's 8.5-8.65mm OD.


I am actually in talks with a local machinist to have some extended barrels made. Only problem is that it may be pricey, so I will have to see.




Ah so you just swap it for the Old outer barrel?





Im glad you picked our humble MP9 to make upgrades for, it seems like theres only a few of us using these!

Pretty much.

Installation is pretty simple too

- Lift out the barrel assembly.

- Pop out the 2 pins that bold the muzzle in.

- Remove stock muzzle

- Insert new Muzzle

- Align so the grooves match the pin holes

- tap pins in

- ????

- Profit


I love my little mp9 and I love designing/machining stuff so both passions work out well.

I am running of projects for the MP9 though. I think I have 2-3 others in mind, and then bam! out of ideas.

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I was thinking, the stock MP9 inner barrel is 140mm, aftermarket ones for the MP7 range from 158-162mm and there is a 363mm MP7 one as well (larger sizes are 6.03mm Falcon and the smaller is PDI 6.01). Be pretty sweet if there was an inner barrel than ran somewhere into the threads so it was as close as possible to base of an amplifying cone..


Although a bit of background reading suggests that the MP9 inner barrel has specific cuts in it?

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You could always make me a Cutsom Left Hand Sling loop? Im Unsure how easy this would be, but if a longer version of the stock's allen bolt was acquired, then a metal Figure-8 could be placed over where the original stock bolt went, and then the new bolt could hold it down. Or maybe it would work better if the one side was fat so it contacted with the rear part of the MP9 to stop it swiveling.... I dunno, I cuppose I could knock up a drawing.



Or How about some miniature silencers?

It might be nice if alongside your threaded outer barrels, you made a slightly longer outer barrel than the stock one (Maybe just an inch or two longer) With welded endcap to look like an integrated silencer? (If this isn't clear enough, think about the Gemtech Oasis)

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