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New and Updated Ares products


NEW AEG-42-T Ares SR25-M110 Sass (Tan) airsoft Gun AEG £410.00

NEW AEG-44-BK Ares T21 with Rail Set (Black) Airsoft Gun AEG £399.00

NEW AEG-44-DE Ares T21 with Rail Set (Dark Earth) Airsoft Gun AEG £399.00

NEW AEG-57 Ares PPSH Airsoft gun AEG £325.00

NEW PGM-MAG Ares PGM-19rd Gas Magazine £79.00

NEW PPSH-2000 Ares PPSH Drum Magazine £45.00

NEW FNC-02 Ares FNC Tactical Handguard £70.00

NEW D-001 Ares Delta Ring Set £17.00

NEW D-002 Ares Barrel Lock £15.00

NEW OB-L1A1-01 Ares L1A1 Steel Outer Barrel £20.00

NEW GB-FNC-01 Ares Repair Sector Gear For Ares FNC £15.00

NEW GB-FNC-FS01 Ares FNC Metal Gearbox (Full Set ~ Standard) £99.00

NEW HU-05 Ares Hop Up Set For G36 / G36K / G36C / SL8 / SL9 / UMP £20.00

NEW HU-06 Ares Hop Up Set For M249 £20.00

NEW SN-002 Ares Stainless Steel Air Seal Nozzel For Ares: M14 EBR, M14 SOPMOD £10.00

NEW OR-01 Ares DSR-1 O-ring Set £10.00

NEW OR-02 Ares M200 O-ring Set £10.00

NEW OR-03 Ares AW338 O-ring Set £10.00

UPDATED SCAR-380-BK Ares Scar Heavy380Rds Magazine (Black) £20.00

UPDATED HU-03 Hop Up Set For FAL £20.00

UPDATED HU-04 Hop Up Set For FNC £20.00

UPDATED L85-A2-B18 L85-A2 ~ B18 TMH Pin £8.00

UPDATED L85-A2-C25 L85-A2 ~ C25 Body Pin Long £7.00

UPDATED L85-A2-C26-C27 L85-A2 ~ C26、C27 Body Pin Short £6.50

UPDATED AEG-05 L85-A2 {New Version} £325.00

UPDATED AEG-09 G36 (New Version) **without "HK G36" marking** £220.00

UPDATED AEG-10 G36K (New Version) **without "HK G36" marking** £200.00

UPDATED AEG-13 G36C (New Version) **without "HK G36" marking** £170.00

UPDATED AEG-17-BK M4-A1 (Black) **with "ARES" marking** £180.00

UPDATED AEG-33 L1A1 SLR £355.00

UPDATED G-36-05 AG-36 Grenade Launcher For G36 £165.00

UPDATED L-85-05 AG-80 Grenade Launcher For L85 £187.00

UPDATED BC-02 PEQ Battery Case (1700mAH) + Laser Pointer £40.00

UPDATED L-01 Aiming Laser £70.00

UPDATED L-02 Aiming Laser + Aiming IR £90.00

UPDATED AK-30 AK-30rd Magazine (BOX SET - 10PCS/BOX) £40.00

UPDATED AW-23 AW-338 23 Rounds Magazine Strip £17.00

UPDATED AW-MAG AW-338 23RDS Magazine £70.00

UPDATED G3-20 G3-20rd Magazine (BOX SET - 10PCS/BOX) £40.00

UPDATED G36-140P G36-140rd Magazine (BOX SET - 5PCS/BOX) £55.00

UPDATED L-120 L1A1 SLR - 120rds Magazine £20.00

UPDATED L-380 FAL 380rds Magazine £25.00

UPDATED L85-30 L85-30rd Magazine (BOX SET- 10PCS/BOX) £35.00

UPDATED L85-130 L85-130rd Magazine £15.00

UPDATED M16-85-T M16-85rd Magazine (BOX SET - 10PCS/BOX) £40.00

UPDATED MP5-30 MP5-30rd Magazine (BOX SET - 10PCS/BOX) £35.00

UPDATED MP5-95 MP5-95rd Magazine (BOX SET - 10PCS/BOX) £35.00

UPDATED SCAR-380-T Scar 380Rds Magazine (Tan) £20.00

UPDATED UMP-110 UMP-110rd Magazine £20.00

UPDATED GRIP-01-BK M16 Sniper Grip (Black) £15.00

UPDATED GRIP-06-BK M16 Grip (D) (Black) £15.00

UPDATED GRIP-08-T Bipod Grip (Tan) £25.00

UPDATED FNC-01 FNC QD Top Rail £40.00

UPDATED L85-04 L85 Top Rail (Mil-Std-1913) £15.00

UPDATED T21-01 T21 Top Scope Rail £25.00

UPDATED T21-02 T21 Side Rail £30.00

UPDATED SC-02 Susat £110.00

UPDATED SCOPE-01 Scope For DSR-1 / M200 / PGM £80.00

UPDATED G36-06 G36 Carry Handle With Scope & Red Dot £89.00

UPDATED G36-07 G36 Carry Handle With Scope & Top Rail £70.00

UPDATED STOCK-09-V-BK "V" Stock + Tube (Black) £55.00

UPDATED STOCK-09-V-T "V" Stock + Tube (Tan) £55.00

UPDATED STOCK-10-C-T "V" Clubfoot + Tube (Tan) £55.00

UPDATED STOCK-18-BK New "C" Style Butt Stock With Alumium Stock Tube For All TM M16 Series (Black) £55.00

UPDATED STOCK-18-T New "C" Style Butt Stock With Alumium Stock Tube For All TM M16 Series (Tan) £55.00

UPDATED G36-03 SL9 Long Top Rail £17.00

UPDATED M4-07 M4 Multi Magazine Catch £15.00

UPDATED OB-G36K-01 G36K Aluminum Outer Barrel £30.00

UPDATED OB-SCAR-01 Ares Scar Ligth QD CQB In/Outer Barrel £79.00

UPDATED SIL-01-N UMP Silencer {New Version} £35.00

UPDATED TOOL-01 M4 Tools £17.00

UPDATED V-001 Inlet Valve £10.00

UPDATED V-002 Outlet Valve £17.00

UPDATED GB-L85-FS01 L85 Metal Gearbox (Full Set ~ Standard) £99.00

UPDATED P-02 Bearing Ventilation Piston Head £10.00

UPDATED SB-7mm 7mm Stainless Steel Bushing (6pcs/set) £10.00

UPDATED TP-02 L85 Tappet Plate £5.00

UPDATED TPD-01 Delayer £5.00

UPDATED CP-G3-T Scar Heavy Cheek Pad (Tan) £10.00

UPDATED HU-11 Hop Up Set For Scar (Metal) £25.00

UPDATED SN-003 Stainless Steel Air Seal Nozzel For Ares: SA80 Series £10.00

UPDATED SN-006 Stainless Steel Air Seal Nozzel For Ares: G36 Series, SL8, SL9, UMP £10.00

UPDATED AW338-Bolt AW338 Bolt £70.00





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