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SR-15 Dynamics, Pistol Battle Rifle, and it slices, it dices...

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MAGPUL (G&P) SR15 Dynamics AEG (Black)


EA Custom G&P SR-15 Dynamics AEG

-- MAGPUL MOE Stock + EMAG + PTS Pistol Grip + AFG Angled Fore-Grip + MOE Trigger Guard + XTM Rail Panel + PTS ASAP Ambidextrous Sling Mount

-- G&P Full Metal "STONER RIFLE" Body Receiver + 8mm Bearing Gearbox

-- 10.5inch CQB Type Barrel




MAGPUL (G&P) Pistol Battle Rifle


EA Custom G&P Pistol Battle Rifle


-- SeeMore Railway Reflax Red Dot Sight, ERGO Pistol Grip

-- Equipped with G&P 8mm Version 2 Gearbox






and finally, the ultimate in airsoft skill.


The "amazing" Airsoft knife


From the O-clan rule book.

9 Knife Kill

9.1 Is a way of eliminating your opponent when in close proximity. Its advantage over calling for surrender is that it is silent.

9.2 A knife kill occurs when a player “taps” the opponent on any part of his body. When that happens the opponent is considered “dead”.

9.3 Attacker must gently use his hand, gun part or rubber knife. (NO real steel!)

9.4 A “knife killed” opponent does not announce that he/she is “hit”, and must stay silent. They then raises his/her weapon over his/her head and proceeds out of the play area like any “hit” player.

9.4 Also Killer May ask the opponent to stay in that position for a limited time as 'dead' until he decides that it is safe to move and continue to advance.


“But wait! There’s more!”


EA Plastic Dummy M16 Bayonet

-- High Density Nylon Construction

-- Able to hook onto Waist Belt or Molle

-- Will mount on standard M16 bayonet lug


“You get this all for the incredible low price of…,”



“Now how much would you pay?”



(Special thxs to FC and pudah657 for the footage)


The Ginsu Knife of the airsoft...





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