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AG-01 Hand Grenade


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Hand Grenade



Have a look should be in the shops soon i can not wait i have the claymore now all i need is a truck load of these


some of the blurb


The AG-01 is the first hand grenade completely inoffensive, designed to be used in games of Airsoft covering a important drained that at the moment exists in this hobby when not existing any product in the market that reunites the ideal conditions that the Airsoft community demands:


- A game element 100% insurance


- A mechanism of agile and effective activation, it must no obstruct the action.


- Necessarily it must keep an esthetic and functional similarity with the real thing.


- It is essential that it detonates producing deflagration and noise enouhgt.


The AG-01 is designed to cover all and each one of these aspects and the best thing of everything is that it works!, the poor-real situations in which a single player is able to counter several opponents because he counts on the advantage to be place setting by a trench, shrub, building or any other dig in that make the assault difficult... is over.









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I thought they were 3-6 USD for a pack of 3. While they may be single use only, I don't see you using them more than a few times in anything other than CQB. Even then I think CQB games hsould have them limited to keep the game aspect intact.

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