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Warrior Assault Systems Raptor in CT

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First off, this review was originally written in Portuguese and posted on the PTAirsoft.org forums, here. I translated it as I find some people might find it useful around here, especially given how popular WAS gear seems to be within the UK. Without further adue…


Warrior Assault Systems Raptor RAC Review




1. Introduction

2. Characteristics

3. Packaging/first impressions

4. Externals and functionality

5. Field use

6. Conclusion



1. Introduction


Warrior Assault Systems (WAS) is a UK-based company that manufactures gear for theater use. All of the platforms they make, from Plate Carriers, tactical vests to harness-type systems are made in Cordura 1000D, usually being based on other company’s systems, such as the RRV, Weesatch, CIRAS, etc., and adapted with their own improvements directed torwards their primary target audience, UK armed forces. Recentely, they’ve added two new different Plate Carriers, the Raptor RAC and the Nemesis, while the at same time launching their new Elite Ops line of products in Coyote Tan Mil-Spec (CT498) and Crye Precision’s MultiCam, the MC line without a doubt spawned by the UK’s recent adoption of MTP.

The CT498 line of products is most likely directed torwards the North-American and PMC market, due to the popularity of Coyote Brown items being used by US forces in general (USMC, SF, amongst others), being that UK Tactical refers the Raptor as being based off the opinion and commentary from US SFs. It’s importante however to mention that Coyote Tan IS different than Coyote Brown, being more akin to a brown-hued Tan, as the name indicates, so something close to a light brown, at least two shades lighter than Pantac’s Coyote Brown.



I picked the Raptor not out of wanting to follow any particular impression, but out of my own research for a vest that was versatile in terms of colour, so I could wear with several different patterns beneath. I’d been looking at WAS’s gear for quite some time, having read a lot about it on ARRSE and ArniesAirsoft, which frequentely mentioned the UK Tactical, the WAS distributor (essencially, WAS’s retail front) as having a good reputation as well as the gear quality being really solid. The gear is frequentely spotted in UK-forces photographs in service in Afghanisthan.


I was split between going with Pantac gear and the WAS PCs and I ended up with the latter due to having difficulty getting the Pantac gear I was after within the EU, an IOTV and some pouches to go along with it in CB.


The WAS base platforms are fairly expensive, being it that the whole set ran me about 202.40 pounds (~240 euros). However, everything was bought separately, UK Tactical does offer some sets for certain PCs and it does run cheaper (around less 40 euros or so, with more pouches included), but for now, there’s no such option for the Raptor.

The individual pouches themselves are very well priced, being around 20-30% more expensive than an ACM Nylon equivalent, while bearing in mind that this is a whole different level of item quality.


2. Characteristics


The Raptor, or so I’m told, is supposedly based off TAG’s RAC, being that it is not all that different when compared to a naked Paracleve RAV.


The characteristics for the Raptor base, taken off the UK Tactical site:

99.8% Infra Red I.R. Treated 1000D Cordura Fabric and Webbing

Fully Adjustable for Height and Girth

Holds Side Plates in Removable Pockets

Quick Release System

3 D Spacer Mesh Lining

Holds SPEAR cut Soft Armour

Holds all size Balistic Plate inc Large E-SAPI

Plates held in separate Plate Pockets with height adjustment

Split Front Flab for quick access

Ballistic Collars, Shoulders and Groin Protection can be fitted


Gear I ordered:

Elite Ops Raptor - CT

2x Minimi SAW Pouch MSP - Tan

1x Medium Medic / Util. Pouch – CT

1x Adjustable Radio Pouch - CT


The review will take a close look at both the platform and the additional pouches’ practical use and quality. The M60/Mini type pouches were bought in Tan due to the lack of a choice of the same pouch in CT.


3. Packaging and first impressions


The order took about 8 days to arrive here since it was made, from a Thursday to a Friday (six working days). Keep in mind, I DO live in Portugal and not in the UK!

The shipping process is not entirely clear, as UK Tactical didn’t send me any form of message stating if the package had been shipped or not, but a quick international phone call quickly resolved my doubts as I was told the order was shipped on the very same day it was made. I do recommend you do telephone instead of e-mailing them, as they’re known for a slow e-mail response.

The online store also suffers from not keeping the items automatically up-to-date accordingly to available stock and from, as I said, an unclear shipping process. Other than that, UK Tactical’s service was top-notch, especially considering the item is for recreational use (they do ask what use you intend for it at the end of your order).


It arrived wrapped in two layers of your typical plastic wrapping that you usually get from NACEX/SEUR/etc and with another layer of clear plastic underneath. The items also came wrapped in a humongous nylon WAS logoed bag, a very nice detail!



No invoice came with the order, which did catch me off guard, then I reminded myself that I do have the digital invoice so it should be fine.


As for the gear itself, having a Guarder Cordura Tactical Vest, an ACM Nylon FSBE and still an issue DDPM Cordura Camelbak to compare… I was awed by the quality. The cordura used is extremely rigid compared to the other two items (Guarder’s and the Camelbak’s), but still flexible and waterproof.




The difference between Tan and CT is not as notorious in person, mainly visible through fotographs or minute observation. The actual tone is very similar, differing only the hue. Somewhat of a mixed blessing, a bit disappointing for me as I did expect (perhaps unfairly) for CT to be a little bit darker.




4. Externals and functionality


First off, this PC is HUGE. It’s not supposed to be something lightweight like RRVs and such, but more akin to something like a CIRAS. It has a truckload of MOLLE real-estate. The stitching on the vest is very, very good and I’ve yet to spot a single loose thread. It’s a little bit heavy for those who prefer lighter options, such as harnesses, but the weight distributes itself quite well.


The vest is one-size-fits-all, but is adjustable on the shoulders, the neck area and the waist-strap. You can also adjust the cummerbund in the area where the quick-release system’s wiring – shown further in the review -, hidden in the rear of the vest, underneath a small Velcro-enclosed lid.


You equip it in a similar fashion to how you would a CIRAS – you open the cummerbund at the center to each side, remove the velcro side-points and you put your head in the opening. Adjust the waist-strap and do the previous steps in reverse. It’s not an easily removable vest, but that’s more of a flaw of these full-sized plate carriers rather than of the actual vest.



Back to the fabric – it’s rigid as I mentioned, but it fits your body in an extremely snug fashion. The vest fits me fine despite being a small-statured guy (something like 1,70m, ~80kg). Even though it’s quite bulky, it is breathable despite being a huge piece of kit, thanks to the interior lining with a dense, flexible but robust, breathable mesh that applies some space between your chest and the actual fabric. It also has a softer, black, velvet-like fabric around the neck and shoulder area which I suspect is Velcro. As for the Velcro itself, it’s all heavy-duty and extremely strong, being that I have issues opening the M60-type pouches at times.


The buckles are also all ITW Nexus, ensuring far more durability than your typical ACM ones.


As for the quick-release system, I’ve yet to test it, but it’s supposed to have an easy reinstall process. You trigger it by pulling the small tab installed by default on your left shoulder, which is reversible for the right shoulder, according to the user’s preference; it’s also protected by the actual vest when not in use and has Velcro attaching it as well, another plus, ensuring in your sprints that it won’t get stuck somewhere and split your vest into two pieces. The reinstallation process involves passing the cables from the shoulder through the loops in the backside, hidden by the said Velcro lid, where you also are able to adjust your cummerbund for width.




It also has the now-traditional carry handle in the back, secured by Velcro when not in use. I’m certain it can handle its intended use. There’s also an elastic SAPI plate holder within the vest.


I believed the cummerband MIGHT be removable, but I’m not entirely sure as it seems to be crucial to the QR system. Underneath it, it’s also possible to install small MOLLE pouches, such as an M4 mag pouch, between the actual platform and the cummerbund (as shown in the reference photo).






5. Field use


I’ve had the chance to field it twice so far. Even though rigid and heavier than your typical RRVs for example, the weight wasn’t felt over four hours of game time. It’s quite comfortable and I do prefer the full PC style of gear.


The whole vest fits snugly and tightly and doesn’t bounce around as long as you adjust it right. I’ve rolled, fallen, jumped with it and not a scratch on it. The same goes for dirt and the like, it just doesn’t stick to the vest. It’s almost self-cleaning.


It does suffer when you try to crawl with it, mainly due to the type of pouches I’ve attached to it, rather than a fault of the actual platform’s design (again). Whoever prefers a lightweight system will certainly opt for more low-profile pouches.


As for the said pouches, the M60-type ones are very practical and versatile. They can triple as a dump-pouch – they come with a slotted cover to drop whatever you want in them -; utility pouch, as they have an internal divider which is removable, you can fit drum mags in it or any kind of gear you want. They can take up to 6x STANAG-style magazines and even 6x M14/SR25 magazines, as long as they’re inserted in parallel rather than perpendicularly. It’s a more rare kind of pouch, more versatile and very practical.


The utility pouch is your standard job. Heavy-duty zippers which won’t open unless you want them to.


The radio pouch is just that, again, simple. A little expensive for what it is, perhaps.



6. Conclusion




Even though the base platform is quite expensive by your typical Airsofter’s standards, the price reflects itself on the quality right away. I sold off old gear, older vests to help finance this one and without a shadow of a doubt, it was worth it. It’s different than the usual CIRAS and the like, it’s versatile for several patterns, it’s quality and will endure the abuse I will give it. It’s also still comfortable, so it’s without a doubt filled all the points I was going for and WAS material is now an excellence reference for me.

The quantity of details WAS puts into their gear is visible – from the comfortable neck/shoulders, to the interior, breathable mesh, the presence of side-layers of MOLLE on their pouches to augment the real-estate, it’s obvious the amount of research and time the company invests to satisfy their core sales audience. The quality and durability of the fabrics used is obvious and I suspect this vest will last me a very, very, VERY long time before it shows any signs of use.


Their gear does suffer at the moment for having small variety in CT and for the CT being brighter than I expected it to – it’s similar to their tan, as I mentioned, being more of a brown-hued. However, I’m not surprised for the lack of variety given they seem to be focusing more on their MultiCam line, given their sales demographics is mainly UK forces.


The pick for Coyote Tan over Coyote Brown is however, still unclear to me.


I originally made this review to intend as a good commentary for the WAS items for the Portuguese crowd rather than just aiming to review the actual main item, trying to keep away from making it a brag-fest and instead try to actually pinpoint pros and cons, but I found it very, very hard to find actual flaws and not due to a lack of trying.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the review and merry Christmas, :D


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I have the same rig but in Multicam, a great little rig that sits very securely around the person. However I have found that the adjustable shoulders are slightly weak in terms of the velcro staying secure.


Instead of both sections of the shoulder having large velcro sections, the shoulder tabs on the front plate have small velcro squares which i have found have a tendency to pull apart whilst putting the rig on. Apart from this, i must say it is very nice indeed, and i have no doubts it will last longer than my need for it.

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I had noticed that as well but I can't say it's been anything more than a nitpick, especially considering even whilst fitting the vest I've yet to have removed them from their position. My complaint would be that at first glance it looked like they'd easily detach, but it hasn't been the case for me so far, neither in actual use nor in simply fitting the vest. I tend to grasp the vest by the shoulder section as I put it over my head, so they don't detach.

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Thx for sharing. Nice review. I myself 'em really hooked on Warrior :)


The difference between Warrior TAN and Coyote Tan is in the color of molle straps and mag pouch covers, the color of the pouches seems to be the same to the human eye but I guess you can see the slight difference when you use flash on your camera.


On the left my friends Warrior RRV on the right my CIRAS with all Warrior pouches (not the Admin)




p.s. can you post some pics of you wearing Warrior Raptor? Tnx.

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They have around the same shade in terms of luminosity, but the coyote tan is a brown hue, whereas the tan has a more of a khaki, slightly greenish hue to it. I can tell them apart, but they're very, very close.


As for pictures, as of right now I think I don't have any in-use photos for them, but I'll try to get around to getting some ghettotastic bathroom photos. :P

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As per requested, a small configuration image of front/side/back layout, the cummerbund is a mess as I just threw the vest on for the pictures.




A slight update as well, as I've been able to take a more clear look into the actual vest and compare it to other similar systems. Looking at my Osprey, I did remember something I do honestly miss on this vest, which are the small Camelbak specific buckles which are present on the Mk 2, as pictured:




I've been spoiled by these little bastards here, which make it obscenely easy to equip or remove a Camelbak from my vest, no need to adjust anything, just buckle the cover on/off, instead of having the bother of equipping the Camelbak on top of the vest, buckling the chest strap and adjust the shoulderstraps accordingly. Even current US Army issue IOTVs have specific Camelbak attachment points (albeit, specific for their issue Camelbak) and given that WAS's primary sales audience are UK troops, I can only imagine the absence of these under one of these three hypothesis:


1 - Most likely, WAS would rather sell their own MOLLE Hydration Covers/Backpacks, which do not include a bladder.

2 - Direct Camelbak attachment is not that popular of a pick, I can only theorize that it's more common for hydration bladders to be stored in cargo packs like the Camelbak Motherlode.

3 - Just plain oversight, though I find it unlikely given none of their current PCs offer these buckles.


It's more of a quibble than anything else, but I do quite honestly hate the way Camelbaks hover over a vest instead of having it attached to it and it is a bit disappointing when comparing to something more mundane like their old issue vests. I could just buy their MOLLE cover but I'm quite honestly not fond of the idea of having to remove the bladder from either cover every time I want to swap gear, as I already dislike removing the Camelbak's bladder every time I want to clean it properly. I'd rather just remove and requip the Camelbak as I do with the Mk2.


Other than that, I'm still very satisfied with the PC, it's just a shame their CT line isn't as varied as the MC one right now.

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I don't like the Nemesis look, personally. It looks a bit cumbersome whilst having the typical lightweight plate carrier design to it, the Raptor is more of a 'wrap-around' type of PC, which I prefer by far.


Also, they've expanded their CT line a bit, bastards added the M60 type pouches as well as a few others. :nosleep:

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Snake, if you want the camelbal to clip directly onto the vest sew some SR 25mm buckles onto a T-shape made from molle webbing and thread onto the pals. If you don't want to sew get some D-ring adaptors and replace the D-ring with a slit field buckle.



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Thanks for the suggestion Waco Kid, I'll definitively give it a look, it's a shame UKTactical doesn't sell those kind of adapters, as I'm considering ordering more pouches. Shipping to Portugal is quite expensive (~26 pounds), so most of the time I tend to order a fairly large order (say, > 100 pounds) each time, otherwise I'm breaking the bank for a few bits of kit.


The Raptor is still holding up fine after tortous abuse -- gone through just about all kinds of rough usage (aka scraping against about any kind of surface/annoying plants in the woods) and not a single tear. The stitching is pulling a bit in a couple of areas, but so as long as I don't pull them they seem to be holding up just fine. Pretty sure my old ACM vests would be half destroyed by now. :P


Being the slowpoke that I am, only this past weekend I noticed that there's internal adjustors for the shoulders ... not to mention I found out because unfortunately I had to make use of the QD wire mid-game -- which worked flawlessly -- and as I tried to figure out how to reinstall the wiring I noticed the internal straps. Fitting much more snugly now. Also confirmed my suspicion that the cummerbund isn't really removeable - even though you could remove it and the QC wiring along with it, you're left with a single internal velcro strap (the first "belt" you wrap around when placing the vest) without a place to attach it to, as the other strap is integrated into the cummerbund.


I also got a double NSR (velcro-type, 4x STANAG holders) to replace one of the frontal M60 pouches. I'll most likely order a few singles in CT whenever possible, but for now, they're out of stock besides in triple configuration. The plan is to "phase out" the M60 pouches in the front and have the following setup:

- Double NSR (4x STANAG), to my center-left - 4 rows

- Double low-profile (or 2x single, 2x STANAG), to my center-right - 4 rows

- General, medium-sized utility pouch, at the left border of the cummerbund - 4 rows

- Radio pouch & Double 9mm magazine pouches installed on the general pouch

- Triple low-profile (3x STANAG), at the right border of the cummerbund - 6 rows

- Hydration Carrier on the back, backplate's left side

- 2x M60 magazine pouches, stacked upon one another, backplate's right side


Thinking about tossing in a command panel in the front, not sure about that yet, afraid it might be bulky as well and as I'm using a G&G F2000 as my primary, I find that I need a lot of free space in the chest so the pouches don't meddle with my shoulder-firing position (i. e., can't engage to the F2000 to my shoulder due to pouches getting in the way).


Not sure about the M60 pouches. I tend to use one for holding a canteen and the other for magazine storage in the front, center-left, while the double NSR is for quick reloads at the moment - I carry 8x low-caps + 1x hi-cap and an XL speed loader. I transfer magazines from the M60 pouch to the NSR as I use them up midgame, during quiet times or while waiting for respawn. However, they're really, REALLY cumbersome and I'm lacking a bit in the mobility department. The besides obvious motion restrictions, they're concentrating the weight a lot in such a small area, vest's sagging a bit so the idea for the low-profile pouches is more mobility and better weight distribution.


Positioning is based on me being a lefty -- I find having "bulky" pouches to my right side a lot more restrictive, hence why the general pouch, NSRs are being thrown over to the left and having low-profiles on the right.

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Thanks for the review.


I purchased my Raptor in Multicam a few months back.


Been out a few times with it and am very happy with the system.


P1020694.jpg (only pic i have for now).


My only niggle, is that the velcro on the shoulder straps are too small to take the weight of the PC. Evrytime you want to carry it around (even by holding it by the grip handle on the back) the shoulder straps part.


Also, those wanting a lightweight setup, may be advised to look at some other alternatives, with a fully loaded rig (mine has 5 pistols pouches, 4 double M4 pouches, large utility pouch, pistol holster) it does make it quite hefty to slug around. But not uncomfortable when the cumber band is set right and the rig is set snug against the body.


I've never felt any sore points along the shoulder or down my back (mind you in part this should be down to how the weight is distributed when loading up).


Other than that, the whole system is excellent quality and robust as advertised.


I've owned a few WAS rigs now and have been happy with every one of them.


I bought the Multicam version as I've already purchased BDU in Multicam....I guess with this PC I'm now invisible :P !!


Would recommended it to anyone.





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Update on the topic - the RAPTOR is still generally holding up fine after over half a year of tortuous use. I've swapped the layout around, got some different pouches.


It has little signs of wear on the outside, though the primary velcro belt is tearing itself up. I might end up contacting WAS since they say they offer some form of "operational guaruantee" or something of the sorts. Or I might just have it restiched. It seems to hold itself fine, but I don't like seeing that tear on it.


And it is indeed a heavy little *bramston pickle*. Mine fully loaded weighs around 6-7 KG and I don't have fake SAPI inserts (unfortunately).



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Thanks to this thread I have taken the plunge and gone for a WAS RICAS, not the Raptor. Did feel the need to add the following for their customer service though. Rang them up this morning to ask if I could collect due to leaving things to the last minute as usual, game on monday, bank holidays and all that, and weekend. They were very nice but that was a no as they are mail order only... Fair play, my fault they do next day delivery in the UK as standard on postage, the website mentions contact them re saturday delivery. Being a chancer gave it a go, due to holiday period and all that they could not do it, again my fault for last minute cunning ideas.


Placed the order anyway, due to this reveiw and a couple of others. About 10 minutes later they rang me to see if I was the chap wanting it for tomorrow... I said yes and mumbled about understanding holidays and all that, they then said " To help you with this, we will use a different delivery service for you and it will be with you before 1pm tomorrow, sorry it's a late delivery time, we usually do 11, is that ok?"


They would not even take anymore postage costs to cover it...


Had to add this onto the thread, their customer service is fantastic, I already trust the item is going to be perfect for me, but the whole delivery thing? Very impressed by them indeed.


UK tactical, many thanks indeed. :busted_blue:

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