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Last Chance for 10%, 15%, 25%, 30%, 40%, 50%, off!

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Season Greetings to all Airsofters of the world.

As #1 Airsoft exporter to the world we know this sport is expanding rapidly, and hope to continue "making days" for Vets and new recruits alike.

And As Airsofters ourselves we like nothing more than getting airsoft guns into the hands of airsofters. (creating more targets, Ha!)

Keeping you amped and ready to roll to your next event to "get some".


We all hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Bright Fragging New Year.


Oh... Our seasonal sales are drawing to a close... so the clock is ticking for taking advantage of the Awesome holiday specials.


10% off everything!

15% off any order with an AEG or Flyye vest included.

25% off VFC M4A1 GBB Rifle (w/ COLT Marking)

30% off Ares TAR21 (all 3 colors), & Umarex G36 Series (all 3 model) G&P M4 Special Force AEG & G&P WOC Tank GBB Rifle

Up to 40% off 12 KingArms models!

And Almost 50% off the Ares PPSH!


Other Hot New movers


Snow Wolf US Socom M24 Sniper SW-04


Snow Wolf U.S. SOCOM M24 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

-- Bolt Action Air Cocking with Full Metal Barrel

-- APS II compatible internal mechanism

-- 20 Rounds Magazine

-- Muzzle Power Reach 500FPS Velocity

-- Top Rail ready for rifle scope/optic

-- Retractable Buttstock




MAGPUL PTS MASADA-SD (AAC M4-2000) Silencer (Dark Earth / CW)


MAGPUL PTS Advanced Armament Corp Masada SD (M4-2000)

-- Come with Blackout 51T Flash Hider (14mm Clockwise - Negative)

-- Full Metal Construction

-- AAC fully licensed product

-- Dark Earth Version




Pro-Arms Silencer Adaptor for Marui Hi-Capa

Pro-Arms Silencer Adaptor for Marui/KSC Glock GBB




we have just had a restock of hot hot KSC G17 & G18 Glocks.

we have a good quantity but honestly it don't matter as for items this hot, as they will sell out fast!!!




But not just KSC Glock restock.



KSC M1911


and also the UMAREX MP7A1

All back in stock!



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