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Initial Impressions of the TM SCAR-L Recoil Shock AEG System

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I recently got a TM SCAR-H. After Vipertechs and GBBRs I expected a really toyish feeling but it was much better than expected. It has some downsides (that charging handle which is cheap plastic for example) but in general I am satisfied.


I noticed that the AAC 18T MITER flash hider of Marui is incorrect. As most of you might know, MITER flash hiders cover almost 2" of barrel behind the threaded part of the barrel. But Marui did not replicate that, therefore if one wants to use a different flash hider (like a PTS one which works with the SCAR-H suppressor, Marui FH does not) the gun can not be used in 13" configuration.

I contacted a local guy here to have some custom barrel extensions made in the correct length. Is anyone interested?

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Hey, some questions:


1. I would like to drop in a M110 in my Scar-L. Do I have to change the stock gearset for that? Any other changes I should made instead of the motor?


2. I already have a Prometheus 6.03 EG barrel here, is it a straight fit?


3. I plan to drop in this mosfet along with a 7.4 lipo, I know there's not much space available in the stock, but do you think it can fit? (I don't have the exact dimensions right now?)





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