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Initial Impressions of the TM SCAR-L Recoil Shock AEG System

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In sticking to Gunfighers808 style of Topic Title and Topic Description, this is a very quick initial review of the TM SCAR-L Recoil Shock AEG System released in Japan today. Even though it's released

lol BUT ITS NOT HOW IT IS...   Your just assuming... have you seen one break ?? no you havent, do you know why i know you havent becuase no one has.. if someone had i would know about it.   Not

druid, we gotta have a contest to see who has more TM EBBs! I have the socom and sopmod, i'm selling a few unused AEGs to pick up the TM scar. It's like crack....

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lol the day i use a GBBR will be when satan him self looks up and says is it cold in here or is it just me, as hell freezes over.


g hop looks interesting but is basically going over the principles of the flat nub from firefly, There have been several examples of needing to increase the amount of hop a normal gun applys. Its nice to see people thinking outside the box. The tm scar if its hop is anything like the sopmod one will already apply a more flatter and pronounced amount of hop. which is why they are more accurate out of the box with 0.28s.

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Here's a little more update as I'm butchering my SCAR-L :-


Here's the barrel removed



It seems that sliver lever engages the charging handle whenever it's fired. Rather interesting the engagement is via a mechanism on the barrel rather than directly from the recoil weight, etc.



The barrel is a rather short 300mm, well short of the outer barrel. The Hop is again proprietary and different from the Sopmod/SOCOM. I'm unfamiliar with the G36K so don't know if it's the same as that.



Closeup of the Hop. Now the Hop arm has 2 parts, another curious factor why a hop arm has to be complicated.



To remove the mechbox, two screws have to be removed from the back :-



The removal is made easy with two connectors.



Removing the mag catch and the front pin (and the grip naturally), the mechbox can be removed. Thole mechbox looks massive especially with the rectangular recoil weight at the top. Another note is that this whole thing is very very greasy! I think TM over did it with all the lubricant.




The other side of the mechbox.



The recoil weight is 309g which is 16g heavier than the TM Sopmod (which is at 293g) :-


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Finally the mechbox internals. Same gears, auto cutoff lever, anti-reversal latch, and empty mag mechanism as the Sopmod. The tappet plate & nozzle also looks the same although I've not tried to measure it. The piston is different from the Sopmod - maybe it's the same as the G36K?




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for those with Freedom Art Mag adapters:




I kinda like how sensei says it's not hard to shave down to make it fit, unless your lazy. (I think that's what he's implying, through my horrific translation skills) :rolleyes:


See that's what I like to see from manufacturers - telling the public how to update/mod their products to suit updated releases.


Nice pics AnakChan. The number of moving parts inside is starting to turn me off though :/

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Whilst other manufacturers like VFC with their SCAR-L, or Magpul PTS with their ACR have taken the approach of an easier takedown, Tokyo Marui has unfortunately gone for the opposite direction - no more of easy dismantles like the old P90 and non-recoil G36C's.


I want to AB-FET this but it's sure not easy to find room even for the thick gauge wires.

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I knew you couldn't resist. Nice work!

interesting how they went about wiring it up due to the space limitations in the gun body.

looks like a fet can be installed, if it can fit in the stock, but you wouldn't want to take it apart again after you install it...

I would probably re-solder 20-22guage wire for the signal wires to keep it sorta neat and not take up too much room.

the piston is AK/G36. recoil weight is about same as G36 also.

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But the SCAR isn't V2 anymore lol...


franks doing a "new" V2 stealth mosfet... Which should fit the scar and sopmod series.. not sure on the g36k or ak..


Dont you already have one coming for version 2? maybe speak to him and get him to hurry up to the process...


I sent him a message, several infact with no replys. id happily stump up the cash for the first 50 if that helps getting them out quicker.. and send him a gearbox to work from.

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He says he will, its even on his site but its about how many emails he gets i reckon so apply the pressure!. Becuase there will be a lot wanting a v3 fet before a new version 2, but if he did do it, with the amount of recoil guns sold in japan. 4000 units of tm sopmod last year alone by echigoya, i reckon he will sell out completely of what ever he makes to the japanese market. i mean a simply easy to fit electronic trigger fet for your sopmod or scar without even haveing to do any thing.. just install it like a cylinder head..


big seller...



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Nice to see one of these ripped apart so quickly, great review SeanChan.

I'm a bit skeptical however with the fact that this has different internals from the SOPMOD (didn't know the G36 was different too). Aftermarket parts for the M4 are slowly being developed and it would have helped to boost the platforms popularity if they retained common parts.

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I was thinking about that too but really, as the recoil engine evolves, it's really not too different from AEG mechboxes which have V1 - V7 (is there a V8 & V9?). It appears gears, auto-cutoff lever, and anti-reversal latch are the same a the Sopmod's (sorry dunno G36K or AK). The hop chamber is different (but so are the hop chambers being different for AEG's M4, G36C, P90, etc.). So in terms of where it's evolving, it's probably not too different from where AEG mechboxes have branched out too.


What would be the deciding factor for 3rd party manufacturers would be which version of the recoil engine will have majority of the models (just like how in AEG, the V2 seems to have the most after market parts, and very little for the others).

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This is mostly new V2 in this .. i reckon most bits from the m4 sopmod will fit, cut off lever, gears, look at the box its almost identical.


I reckon you can class this almost in the same catagory.


NEW ver1 is the ak, New V2 is the sopmod. The G36 is almostidentical to the ak.. and the Scar is almost identical to the sopmod.. I dont think they deserve there own catagorys lol

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The Sopmod/new ver.2 already has all internal parts available as reinforced versions, from laylax/prometheus ... not sure about the tappet plate but the rest are out.


The only missing parts are mostly externals, no bodies (other than marui), no Of-the-shelf custom stocks (Magpul UBR, fullsize M16) and and not many barrel length options. And no Pmags yet.


Slowly we're getting there.

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as far as the gear set and anti-rev latch, it's the same across the board for the recoil boxes. cylinder heads too I think, (have to re-open a G36 again to make sure :) )

pistons, air nozzles, hop units, spring guides, and tappet plates are the only gun-type specific. (for spring guide, -sort of, m4 versions are the only different type compared to rest)

bushings and cylinders are normal off the shelf AEG.


as far as the ak/g36/scar recoil engine is concerned, it's mechanically the same, just the recoil weight/block is different size/weight to gun type.

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This is so annoying now. I want either the RECCE or the Scar-L. Fancy a recoil gun. But what is the best one out of bunch with the best kick (recoil). Could it be the cqb-r due to it's shorter. Is the Scar-L's recoil kick the same as the G36, M4, AK.


Liking thr M4 and Scar-L as they have a Stop function!

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