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Initial Impressions of the TM SCAR-L Recoil Shock AEG System

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In sticking to Gunfighers808 style of Topic Title and Topic Description, this is a very quick initial review of the TM SCAR-L Recoil Shock AEG System released in Japan today. Even though it's released

lol BUT ITS NOT HOW IT IS...   Your just assuming... have you seen one break ?? no you havent, do you know why i know you havent becuase no one has.. if someone had i would know about it.   Not

druid, we gotta have a contest to see who has more TM EBBs! I have the socom and sopmod, i'm selling a few unused AEGs to pick up the TM scar. It's like crack....

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I don't have a picture but the only thing that can fly out is the spring that holds(with a little plastic on its end) the bbs in the mag while its not in the gun(don't know its exact name). I know it happened to me too before and until I found the spring(my room was messy :P) I used a pen spring(and while it works its weaker than the original spring and the mag can let out some bbs if you hit it hard enough).

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the scar grip is narrower at the top.  i would imagine a m4 would fit but it maybe loose.


No places stock uppers and lowers for scar... you can find one of the many places that are willing to put a order in at tm, and then wait 3 months if the order ever materializes that is, ive been there my self.  Its why i have been working so hard to catagorise, photo and list all tm parts via there part numbers and attempt to keep them instock.  Im starting with the popular stuff then i will branch out to all the others.  Thus far no one has asked for a TM upper for scar, usually just the latch on the side or stock button., im guessing its a cosmetic thing that you would like to change.   


by the looks of the part manual




you are looking at 17800 YEN factory price just for the metal upper


Parts - SCAR-10 BLACK and SCAR-11 FDE


So its 105 quid not incl delivery to wholesaler, and deliery to uk, or mark up of the wholesaler to order it from the factory for you.  Once that gets to the uk youd be looking at £160 - £200 for a upper reciever.   IF marui factory has it instock which often they dont.  Good example those bloody hop units.


Stock latch - http://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/605/s/tokyo-marui-stock-latch-for-scar-recoil-shock-series/


Stock Release Button - http://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/596/s/tokyo-marui-stock-release-button-for-scar-recoil-shock-series/

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Thanks Rich, yeah it was cosmetic, but for that kind of price, it'd be cheaper to have it all cerakoted then re-laser engraved.


I'll get back to you with the stock parts, because they are actually broken at the hinge (it is now stuck open and won't fold). I believe it's part 72 and 33 that I need

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Here is what the inside of my TM-Scar L looks like after 40k~ rounds using 11.1v and 7.4v lipos at 392 FPS. http://imgur.com/a/VTPTR#0 


Prometheus 363mm 6.03 barrel

Magicbox POM piston head

Prometheus hard piston

eagle6 M120

Prometheus bearing spring guide

SHS Gears

Turnigy Nano-tech 1800mah 25-50C 7.4v lipo

Turnigy Nano-tech 1800mah 25-50C 11.1v lipo

Rewired with 16awg PTFE and deans plugs.


Everything else is stock right down to the nylon bushings other than a 3/16 sorbo pad to correct AOE. I have fired around 70k rounds thru this gun in the time I have owned it.

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I just picked one of these up (and a SCAR H funnily enough) at the British Airsoft Show over the weekend. The scope is amazing for the price - very good eye relief and extremely clear. Just waiting on a LaRue mount and I'll be a happy puppy. :)

Nice, they're a good match!

Be careful with the cheap "larue" mounts as they don't fit very well, and have a little play in them, causing excess wear to your rail. Can be fixed with some black electrical tape though :)

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