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M4A1 SOPMOD package


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For sale is my M4A1 sopmod package.










Parts list:


G&P M4A1 colt receiver

G&P M4A1 14.5 inch ras

G&P KAC QD suppressor

G&P Short M203 laucncher

G&P ACOG replica (x4 mag) with dummy Dr sight

VFC acog killflash

G&P 600m flip up rear sight

G&P A1 pistol grip

G&P rail guard panel

G&P KAC QD rear sling mount

CA crane stock with custom made 9-liner as per t3h n4vy s34ls. :P

G&G CVL AN/PEQ5 laser sight (pressure switch not included, also not working, probably flat battery)

CA CQB gearbox with guarder cylinder, systema piston head and nozzle, cut down guarder spring

CA standard motor from a CQB

Prometheus 6.03mm x 363mm tightbore barrel

Guarder clear hop bucking

GP 2200 maH crane stock battery (fitted with deans connectors)

KA m203 60(ish) round shells

I can also include the Surefire M951 with SW02 tailcap for an additional 100GBP. The lens is cracked from a bb strike on it's first day of use but has stayed that way for 3 years since. It works perfectly.


I can include midcaps for a small fee if required.


It fires absolutely flawlessly. ROF is excellent and reliable. Range and accuracy were on par with my old upgraded m14. Custom paint job lovingly painted by me ;) using krylon and a scrim net. I always use 0.25s in it as I find these give the best comprimise between range and accuracy.


External condition is used but not abused. Has wear and tear on the paint but damage to any of the parts.



It reads on my chrono at between 325 and 335 with a 0.2g BB.


This has been the best airsoft RIF I have ever owned and nothing I ever bought matched it for range, accuracy, reliability and general sex factor. ;)


Price is 350 GBP posted (plus fees) within the UK.


Buyers must comply with VCRA as per the rules.


Absolutely no trades or splits apart from splitting the surefire. Please don't waste your time trying. :)


Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask.




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