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Since the guidance for the picture section does mention nuclear devices, but I couldn't find an existing thread.



Here is my nuclear device. It's a replica of the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADAM) which as about a 1kt yield.





I got lucky and found the airborne harness at a surplus store. While the real thing is meant to be carried on a parachute harness during airborne missions, I wanted to be able to wear this as a backpack, so I rigged it up to an old rucksack frame.




I get obsessive about field props. I'm sure others here have similar projects :)


Here's a missile we built for a game a few years ago:




A crashed missile. This one has a removable warhead.




A demolition charge I built for a scenario game.




Another scenario setpeice - a bio-weapon!






And last, but not least, a C-4 charge.




I built a nuclear reactor for last year's winter game, but I didn't get any pics :(


I'm sure others have built infernal devices for their games - I'd love to see what others have done.

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The Russian SAMs were made from cardboard tubes (carpet rolls). The nosecones and fins are also cardboard; the "launcher" is scrap wood. I didn't design this particular prop, but I helped build them. For this particular game, we had three of these batteries that had to be taken out. Fully assembled, it was about 9 feet tall!


When working with cardboard, you can make it stronger by coating it with a solution of Elmer's glue thinned with water. I just brush it on and let it dry, then paint.


The C4 charge was scrap wood wrapped in paper (labels printed on my computer) with a kitchen timer. The wires are old phone cord.


The "Demo Charge" is a plastic storage tub, turned upside down and painted, with a wooden plate added. There is also a wooden block inside it to give it more weight.


The "Bio Weapon" is a CD case mounted to a wooden board. I got the tubes inside at a surplus store, they are full of colored water.

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