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Dualwieldnate and the non-received RICAS.

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Fairly short story this one.


9th Nov - Saw RICAS advertised on here


19th Nov - Paid for said RICAS


Nov 20th - Got a PM from Nate saying it had been recieved.


Nov 26th - Heard nothing so PM'd Nate requesting info re:postage No reply.


Nov 29th - PM'd Dualwieldnate again. Got almost immediate reply saying that he had been working lots and hadn't had time to post. Promised it would be posted that week.


Dec 7th - Still no news so PM'd again asking where RICAS was. No reply.


Dec 9th - PM'd again as still no reply. Also checked user details and he'd been online several times since i sent last PM. He replied saying 'i work long hours, i'll dig out tracking number and send it to you', Needless to say, no tracking number recieved.


Dec 13th - PM recieved asking if I'd recieved it. Answer, no.


Dec 21st - Nate sends PM claiming that it's been lost and he's sending me full refund. I reply saying that's fine and asking how he would like to proceed. No reply from him.


Not heard a peep since. PM'd him again today, but not holding out much hope.

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He appears on the chatroom (and has rl friends) on there from time to time. I'll try to direct him to this thread asap.


Edit: Update - Apparently Nate has been quite seriously ill over the past month. I've been told that he will be made aware of this thread and resolve this matter as soon as he is in a state where it is possible.

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It is my understanding that this issue has been resolved and refund provided via bank transfer, please update your threads in future.

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